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Canadas best credit cards of 2017

first_imgCredit card companies are competitive and will go to great lengths to distract you with sign-up bonuses or teaser cash-back rates that vanish after just a few months. How do you find the right card for the long term? We know it’s hard work to find the perfect match, so MoneySense has done it for you. The top overall card for rewards was the Scotiabank Gold American Express. The task of comparing different rewards systems from dozens of issuers and hundreds of cards would make anyone wish they had a Masters in Data Analytics. Because of that, many of us stick with the same credit cards year after year, missing out on better deals on points and rewards.To capture Canada’s Best Credit Cards 2017, we tapped our credit card tool, which is powered by our partners at RateHub. The methodology takes into account a multitude of factors, including welcome bonuses, flexible travel with no restrictions, the ability to transfer rewards between cards, great cash-back value, amazing insurance packages, and more.Full list of winners by category. Plus more credit card features and tipsFor this package we ran the numbers for six card categories (travel vs cash-back etc.) based on $2,000 in monthly spend (or $1,000 for the student category). Everyone’s card needs and usage are different and change over time, so we encourage you to use the tool as well.Our assumptions on the monthly spend are as follows—groceries at $500, gas ($200), restaurants ($200) and bill payments ($125), travel ($125), entertainment ($225), pharmacy ($75) and other purchases of $500. (For student cards we assumed a lower $1,000 total monthly spend.)That allowed us to tally up the magic number—that is, the annual net reward in dollar terms (we excluded sign-up bonuses) to identify the top three cards in each of the six categories.We also threw in an honorary mention in each category because some cards should also be considered based on specific individual preferences.Remember, credit cards are just a tool. If you use them wisely and never carry a balance, you can get valuable rewards to help stretch your family’s budget. If you pick the right card for you—and pay it off each month—you’ll ultimately come out a winner.last_img read more


Sherlock star Cumberbatch praised for tackling muggers

first_imgLONDON – The food-delivery firm Deliveroo thanked Benedict Cumberbatch on Saturday after a newspaper reported that the “Sherlock” star had fought off muggers who were attacking one of its cyclists.Uber driver Manuel Dias told the Sun newspaper that he was driving Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie Hunter along London’s Marylebone High Street when they saw a cyclist being hit with a bottle.He said Cumberbatch jumped out of the car and grabbed one of the attackers.“I had hold of one lad and Benedict another,” Dias was quoted as saying. “He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was very brave.”“Here was ‘Sherlock Holmes’ fighting off four attackers just round the corner from Baker Street,” he added.The fictional detective’s home address in London is around the corner from the scene of the attack.Cumberbatch’s spokeswoman declined to comment.The newspaper didn’t say when the incident occurred. Police said a delivery cyclist was assaulted in the street in November.On Saturday, Deliveroo praised Cumberbatch “for his heroic actions.”“On behalf of everyone at Deliveroo: Thank you so much,” it said.last_img read more


Consumer groups allege Google misleads kids in FTC complaint

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Nearly two dozen consumer, privacy and public health groups are urging U.S. regulators to investigate whether children are being endangered by deceptive apps in Google’s app store for smartphones running on its Android software.The 102-page complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Trade Commission alleges Google’s Play store is harming kids by allowing apps that break privacy laws, contain adult content or include manipulative advertising in a section of its Play store designed for children.The call for FTC action is being led by two groups, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and the Center for Digital Democracy, that have previously attacked Google’s approach to kids. In April, they asked the FTC to crack down on Google’s YouTube video site for alleged violations of children’s online privacy.Twenty other groups, including Consumer Action, Public Citizen and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, joined in the latest complaint.Google issued a statement emphasizing its commitment to protecting children while they are online — one of the reasons the company says it prohibits targeted advertising at children under 13.“We take these issues very seriously and continue to work hard to remove any content that is inappropriately aimed at children from our platform,” Google said.More than 2 billion devices worldwide are powered by Google software, with a significant number of those being used by minors. The complaint focuses on alleged misconduct under U.S. laws and regulations.The attempt to pressure the FTC to open an investigation comes amid an intensifying backlash against Google, Facebook and other companies that make most of their money by using their free services to track people’s interests and whereabouts and then mining that information to sell ads targeted at them.The angst has raised the spectre of Congress drawing up tougher regulations to curb the tech industry’s power and restrict its ability to compile digital dossiers about the people who have become increasingly dependent on its services.Rep. David Cicilline, a Democrat from Rhode Island who has been critical of Google, issued a statement supporting the groups seeking an FTC investigation as did Sen. Tom Udall, a Democrat from New Mexico.“It is past time for the Federal Trade Commission to crack down to protect children’s privacy,” Udall said in a statement.Although the FTC doesn’t typically comment on whether it will investigate issues raised in complaints, it has punished both Google and Apple for what it deemed to be child exploitation in the past.In 2014, it reached a settlement requiring Google to refund $19 million for allowing apps distributed through its store to charge children for purchases made without parents’ consent. That came after a similar agreement required Apple to refund $32.5 million for in-app purchases made on iPhones, iPads and other devices without parents’ permission.Michael Liedtke, The Associated Presslast_img read more


India becomes worlds 2nd largest LPG importer after China

NEW DELHI — India has become the world’s second largest importer of liquefied petroleum gas as its government pushes cleaner alternatives to traditional cooking fuels such as firewood and cow dung.Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan says imports of LPG grew 12.5 per cent over the past five years to 12 million metric tons (13 million tons) in 2018-19, surpassing Japan and putting India in second place behind China. India’s financial year runs from April to March.He says demand for LPG is projected to rise 34 per cent from 2014 to 2025.Traditional fuels such as wood and cow dung cause heavy pollution and health problems for millions of villagers.India imports LPG mainly from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Iran.The Associated Press


National Womens DayYear in Review The New 2018 Violence Against Women

Rabat- It is no secret that the news cycle has a selective memory, and Morocco is doing a great disservice to itself by allowing headlines and the social media sphere to be dominated by its lapses in human rights — especially when it can do better. The country’s National Women’s Day on October 10 is an opportune time for the government to look beyond superficial celebrations, and make a staunch commitment to a zero-tolerance policy on violence and discrimination against women to elevate women’s legal status. One of the marking points in 2018 for women is the passage of  Law no. 103-13 on combating violence against women, in September 2018, after more than a decade of advocacy by civil society organizations. Read Also: Law 103-13 on the Elimination of Violence Against Women in Morocco: A Missed Rendezvous with Democracy?Progressive legislation but loopholes exist Morocco’s violence against women law provides protective measures for violence survivors but gaps persist. While it contains a detailed definition of violence against women that encompasses the broad range of forms of violence, including physical, psychological, sexual, and economic, the law does not provide a definition of domestic violence or criminalize marital rape. The Law allows for protection orders that prohibit an accused person from contacting, approaching, or communicating with the victim. However, contrary to the recommendations of the United Nations, the Moroccan law predicates protection orders on survivors filing criminal claims, which is not possible for all survivors because of the requirement and the social and familial pressure against bringing criminal cases. Further, the legislation’s provisions permitting the protection orders to be cancelled in case of reconciliation adds undue pressure on survivors to drop the claim. To its credit, protection orders are issued in addition to rather than in lieu of other legal remedies.The law also establishes service and protection measures for survivors, such as medical care and shelters, as well as psychological therapy for the perpetrator. Yet, the available measures can only be issued during a criminal prosecution or after a criminal conviction or after a criminal conviction. The law also increases penalties for existing criminal offenses but does not criminalize marital rape. It does, however, increase penalties for some forms of violence in the penal code when committed within the family and establishes new crimes including forced marriage, squandering money or property to circumvent payment of maintenance or other dues arising from a divorce, expelling or preventing a spouse from returning home.The Law, obligates public authorities to take prevention measures, including programs to raise awareness on violence against women. It also provides for specialized units to serve the needs of women and children in courts, government agencies, and security forces, and local, regional, and national committees to address women’s and children’s issues. Snapshot of the Moroccan Legal Framework on GBVIn general terms, Morocco is noted for its progressive stance toward legal reforms on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) relative to other countries in the MENA region.  In recent years Morocco has taken substantial steps and civil society has made great strides in establishing legal reforms.The status of women and the legal context for gender-based violence are addressed primarily in the Moroccan Constitution, the 2018 Law no. 103-13 on combating violence against women, the Penal Code, and the Moudawana. There is no clear prohibition of domestic abuse in the civil, criminal, or family codes. The Constitution establishes the primacy of international law obligations over national law and therefore binds Morocco to CEDAW and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Thus, women must rely on general battery provisions in the penal code. Some argue that the 2011 Constitution’s prohibition of “all violations of physical or moral integrity” extends to domestic violence, though this is not explicitly articulated. Reform of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP) also helped in this regard.  Beyond the Law?While Law 103.13 is a significant step towards the conscious elevation of women’s legal status in Morocco, the realization of the rights contained therein are subject to several limitations when it comes to implementation. Notably, the justice system is splintered along geographic lines because of the disparate treatment, remedies, and access afforded to women in urban and rural regions. Conservative rural areas of Morocco have less access to civic education and legal literacy, and thus many women in rural areas are not aware of their legal rights. Consequently, rural women are often unaware of the legal opportunities available to them and remain untrusting of formal justice systems. While social realities must be considered by legislators, the law has an educational function and sets norms for what society thinks is right and what is wrong.  To harness the transformative power of the law, it is crucial that those responsible for enforcement are also held accountable for following through with their obligations in accord with the letter of the law.* Leila Hanafi is a Moroccan-American international development lawyer, is a Board member of Morocco World News, recipient of doctorate in law from the UK, principal of ARPA International Law firm read more


First Ladies join forces at UN to prevent new HIV infections among

Around 1,000 babies are infected with HIV each day, 90 per cent of whom are in countries in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). HIV is also the leading cause of maternal mortality in developing countries.At today’s event, held on the opening day of the UN High-Level Meeting on AIDS, the First Ladies agreed to advocate for comprehensive access to maternal and child health services and to advance 10 action steps on return to their respective countries to ensure that children are born free from HIV and to promote life-saving HIV services for women and children.“Women and girls must be at the centre of the AIDS response,” said Michel Sidibé, the Executive Director of UNAIDS and co-host of the event. “When women protect themselves from HIV, they protect a whole new generation from HIV.”Among the 10 steps is supporting efforts to increase the number of centres providing free maternal, newborn and child health services, including treatment to prevent the transmission of HIV from mothers to children.“The fact that, in still too many places, HIV-positive women are denied the right to give birth to healthy babies is a global injustice that we can end by 2015,” said Ban Soon-taek, the wife of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The First Ladies event was co-hosted by Mrs. Ban, Mr. Sidibé and Azeb Mesfin, First Lady of Ethiopia and President of the Organization of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS.It is one of several events taking place in conjunction with the three-day High-Level Meeting of the General Assembly that brings together some 30 heads of State and government, along with senior officials, representatives of international organizations, civil society and people living with HIV, to chart the future course of the global AIDS response. 8 June 2011Thirty First Ladies from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean joined forces today at the United Nations to mobilize support to achieve the goal of zero new HIV infections among children by 2015. read more


Government wants to maintain partnership with China

“We little Sri Lanka have the access into India,” he noted.He said that investors can setup their manufacturing plants in Sri Lanka and have access to the Indian markets with better logistics. (Colombo Gazette)Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. He said that China has been an aggressive partner and Sri Lanka wants to continue with that partnership. The Finance Minister expressed these views while speaking to the business community in Austria where President Maithripala Sirisena is currently on a two day visit.Speaking further the Minister said that Sri Lanka can be a hub for investors looking at markets in India. The Government says it wants to maintain its strong partnership with China while also having economic agreements with other countries.Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said that there has been a general perception that Sri Lanka is extremely sensitive to investments from China. But he said Sri Lanka also wants to open its markets for more European investments and this has been made possible as a result of the commitments the Government has made on the human rights issue. read more


Annan urges tougher action against creeping desertification

Mr. Annan says the governments of Member States should cooperate with civil society, business and international organizations to promote more sustainable development so that land remains arable and does not become desert. This year’s World Day – its theme is “Social Dimensions of Desertification; Migration and Poverty” – also marks the 10th anniversary of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), which now has 191 signatories. In his message, Mr. Annan warns that the rural poor are particularly vulnerable, especially in the developing world. The UNCCD Secretariat estimates that more than one billion people and one-third of the Earth’s surface are threatened by desertification. The Secretary-General says desertification can reduce productivity in some regions by as much as half. “It contributes to food insecurity, famine and poverty, and can give rise to social, economic and political tensions that can cause conflicts, further poverty and land degradation,” he says. Creeping desertification, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, is inducing large migration movements as locals who once farmed in what are now arid areas seek a living elsewhere. By 2020, according to UNCCD, 60 million people are expected to migrate from the desertified areas of sub-Saharan Africa to North Africa or Europe. And, since 1990, it is believed about six million hectares of productive land have been lost every year around the world as the land become degraded and less fertile. read more


Brock to welcome future Badgers of all ages over March Break

From soon-to-be first-year students to young children with athletic dreams, Brock University will be buzzing with activity for March Break next week.The week off for elementary and high school students means a busy week for Brock’s recruiting and recreation staff.Having recently mailed out a remarkable 10,000 offers of admission to graduating high school students from across the province, Brock welcomes March Break as another opportunity for families to visit the University and see what it has to offer.Campus tours will start in the Cairns Complex atrium three times each day from Sunday to Friday, when potential students will have the opportunity to see the Brock facilities, meet with faculty and staff, and even attend some in-class lectures.“With thousands of offers of admission in circulation, a visit to campus is often the next step for future students and their families,” said Beth Natale, Director, Recruitment and Retention at Brock. “We have our regular schedule of classes and activities next week, so it will give them a very good preview of what the Brock University experience is like.”For those a little younger, Brock has a wide range of popular March Break camps allowing kids from Grades 1 to 12 to experience everything from traditional sports to junior lifeguarding, outdoor adventure, robotics, creative arts, investigative science and engineering. Brock’s Aboriginal Students Services is also offering a free Cultural March Break Camp for Indigenous youth from across Niagara.Anyone interested in attending a March Break campus tour should and those looking for more information on March Break or the upcoming summer camps should visit read more


Ohio State mens hockeys winless streak stretches to 10 games

The Ohio State men’s ice hockey team continued its winless ways in a two-game series against Michigan State this past weekend. The No. 10-ranked Buckeyes lost back-to-back games in Columbus this weekend, falling to the Spartans, 6-3 and 3-2, on Friday and Saturday night, respectively. OSU (14-10-5, 10-9-5-1 CCHA) has now gone 10 straight games without a win, and have a 0-6-4 record this calendar year following its two-game set with MSU (15-11-4, 10-9-3-2 CCHA). OSU freshman forward Tanner Fritz scored two goals, with fellow freshman forwards Ryan Dzingel and Max McCormick, and sophomore forward Alex Lippincott each tallying a score in the series. The Buckeye defense gave up a total of nine goals against the Spartans, the most OSU has given up in a series this season. OSU coach Mark Osiecki said the key to the series this weekend was the veteran play of the Spartans. “That was the bottom line this weekend,” he said. “They only have a few freshmen in their lineup and that helps them in tough situations. We had 10 freshmen in the lineup tonight, and that was one of the differences in the game. It helps having their kind of experience going through league play.” After jumping out to a 3-1 lead Friday night, before the Spartans scored five unanswered goals on the way to a 6-3 win, the Buckeyes got in a hole early on Saturday. Spartan freshman forward Matt Berry scored a power-play goal at 9:14 in the first period to give MSU an early 1-0 lead. Berry tapped the puck in from the post after junior defenseman Torey Krug faked a shot on the wing before passing it to him. MSU added two more goals in the second stanza to take a 3-0 lead half way through the period. Sophomore defenseman Jake Chelios, son of former NHL defenseman Chris Chelios, scored a 4-on-4 goal at 1:57 in the middle period. With 6:35 left in the second, Krug blasted a shot from the top of the right circle that flew past OSU senior goalie Cal Heeter and into the back of the net. “He’s an all-league type of player,” Osiecki said of Krug. “It’s important to have a defenseman back there who can quarterback the team. From a power play standpoint he’s top notch, and my hat goes off to him.” The Buckeyes rallied after Krug’s blast with two goals from Fritz. The freshman forward gave OSU its first goal of the game when he slid the puck in off a rebound at 14:23 in the second stanza. A few minutes later, he found the back of the net again when Dzingel’s shot on a 2-on-1 breakaway bounced off MSU sophomore goalie Will Yanakeff. Fritz found the loose puck and buried it home with 2:11 remaining in the second. “The line (with Dzingel and McCormick) feels good right now,” Fritz said. “We have played well the past couple series.” The Spartans led 3-2 heading into the final period, and killed off multiple Buckeye power plays late in the third stanza to hold on for the win and series sweep. OSU’s power play was 0-8 on Saturday night and 0-14 on the weekend. “Our power-play unit really needs to bear down,” Osiecki said. “We got some good looks but we couldn’t capitalize. Our power play could have been the difference for us the past couple of games.” The Buckeyes take the ice again for a two-game series against Western Michigan starting Friday at 7:05 p.m. in Kalamazoo, Mich. read more


Lady Lucan killed herself after selfdiagnosing with Parkinsons disease

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Lady Lucan was preparing to publish a novel to set the record straight on her life with Lord Lucan  It has been more than forty years since Lord Lucan vanished after murdering his children’s nanny when he mistook her for his estranged wife. Now, in a final twist, it seems that the legacy of their toxic relationship has claimed his intended victim. Veronica, the Dowager Countess of Lucan, 80, killed herself with a cocktail of drink and drugs after wrongly self-diagnosing with Parkinson’s disease – an illness she had claimed had been brought on by him forcing her to take medication. She had spent her final years as a recluse, having not spoken to her sister or her three children since the 1980s, and she was determined that she turn to assisted suicide rather than become a burden to anyone through ill health.Noticing a tremor in her right hand, unable to sleep, losing her sense of smell, feeling  tired, anxious and becoming forgetful, Lady Lucan convinced herself that she had Parkinson’s disease, her inquest heard.  Lord and Lady Lucan on their wedding day in 1963  She claimed in an interview just months before her death that her Parkinson’s was “drug-induced” by the anti-psychotic medicine that was forced on her after her husband John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, convinced everyone including her that she was mad. “My husband had a campaign to destroy me,” she had said. “I was a nuisance. He was an imposing character, an earl, and the doctors believed all he told them about me.” Lady Lucan pictured in 1974 with children Frances and George Credit:Trinity Mirror  The court heard Lady Lucan had also gone through the final edit of her autobiography a month before she died with publisher, Pamela McCleave, which she hoped would come out before Christmas. Lord and Lady Lucan pictured after they announced their engagement  She had never been to the doctors about her fears, but she had detailed it in her diary and told her friend David Davies, with whom she had discussed euthanasia. It was Mr Davies who reported her missing after she had not been seen for two days and missed their regular meeting in St James’ Park. The coroner noted that she was “a lady of a regular routine and regularly met with friends on a daily basis in St James’ Park, to have lunch and go to the library.”Because of the concerns police smashed a window to break into the same two-storey terraced town house in Belgravia, central London, that her husband had disappeared from almost 44 years earlier in 1974. A year before they had attended a lecture “on how to help people with a terminal illness end their lives peacefully and Dignitas was mentioned”. He said: “She gave the impression she was hard up and had to watch every penny and complained about interest rates going up.“We both discussed how to end our lives but only if we developed a degenerative or terminal illness or became reliant on other people.” He added: “But there was nothing to suggest she was considering this and she seemed cheerful the last time I saw her.”A pathologist concluded she died from respiratory failure caused by a lethal dose of drugs and alcohol poisoning. Lord and Lady Lucan pictured after they announced their engagement Credit:Photoshot Lady Lucan was preparing to publish a novel to set the record straight on her life with Lord Lucan  Lady Lucan pictured in 1974 with children Frances and George  Lord and Lady Lucan on their wedding day in 1963 Credit:Trinity Mirror Dr Wilcox said: “It’s clear that Veronica Mary Lucan has for sometime been considering how she could, if she was to take her own life.”She noted her interest in assisted suicide and her concern that she was suffering from Parkinson’s disease although Dr Wilcox said “there is no formal diagnosis and examination of her brain was normal” after her death. She added: “I’m entirely satisfied that suicide is the final conclusion.”Whatever you’re going through, call Samaritans free any time from any phone on 116 123 (this number is free to call and will not appear on your phone bill) The hearing, which her daughter Camilla Bingham attended, heard one of the drugs in her system was not normally prescribed by British doctors, and police did not know how she obtained it. Westminster Coroner’s Court heard she wrote in her diary about how to commit suicide if she became frail and had books on assisted dying.In one diary entry on  August 5  last year,  about six weeks before her death, she listed potential suicide items copied from four suicide books found in her house Lady Lucan was discovered in night clothes on the dining room floor with a unmarked bottle under her body with just one pill left inside.Coroner Dr Fiona Wilcox ruled that her death in September last year was suicide. Lady Lucan had always maintained that her missing husband had committed suicide. In a written statement Mr Davies, who had known her for two years, said that the pair had discussed ending their lives if they suffered a terminal illness. last_img read more


How the UK joined the dots from Salisbury Novichok attack to Vladimir

British authorities are confident they know “everything worth knowing” about the assassination attempt on Sergei Skripal, including a trail right up to Vladimir Putin. The threat posed by the GRU, which carried out the attempted assassination of Skripal last March, has been severely curtailed as a result of the counter-terror investigation that exposed the agents who carried out the attack. Separate sources have told The Telegraph that details of the plot have been well established, including the chain of command… The Russian intelligence agency behind the Salisbury nerve agent attack has been dismantled in the UK and will remain out of action for years to come, according to government sources.


The mysterious young doctor who captured Ireland in black and white

first_img Two women walk down Grafton Street Source: John J Clarke via NLIA ship moored at Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire)Source: John J Clarke Boy and girl sitting on a bathing box. Source: John J Clarke via NLIPortraits like the one below show that Clarke had a keen eye for detail and framing, and knew how to use depth of field to draw the viewer in. Young girl eating a biscuit Source: John J ClarkeTo view all of his photographs, visit the NLI archives.Read: Heritage Ireland: Who is this man with the frightfully fancy tomb?>Read: Can you believe these Clare sisters were photographed 127 years ago?> He also took photos while traveling, capturing Bray, Kingstown, and some small villages. Source: John J Clarke via National Library of IrelandWHO WAS JOHN J Clarke?As a student, he took photographs of the world around him, never imagining that in years to come they would give future generations an idea of how much Ireland had changed.The photos, which are thought to have been taken between 1897 and 1904, show that he was a man interested in people, and not immune to a bit of fun. JJ Clarke Source: NLIThanks to some intrepid sleuthing by NLI fans, we know that in 1910 a young John Joseph Clarke was an undergraduate medical student aged 21 and boarding at 8 Albans Road (Merchant’s Quay) in Dublin.He was born in Monaghan and could speak both Irish and English.He was one of three boarders (all Catholic) staying at the Cooke home. The Cookes were headed by 40-year-old mother Margaret, who had a daughter aged nine and a son aged six.Perhaps she took in boarders as her husband was deceased, or no longer living with the family?By 1911, JJ Clarke was GP, and staying in a Co Monaghan hotel on the night of that year’s census.The photos Clarke took, which can be found in the National Library, show that he was particularly interested in people, moreso than buildings. The junction of Nassau Street, Grafton Street and Suffolk Street. Source: John J Clarke via NLI Young man on Merrion Square, smoking a pipe. Source: John J Clarke via NLI A young girl riding a tricycle along the seafront. Source: John J Clarke via NLIDr Clarke never married, and died at the age of 82. Thankfully his surviving prints and plates were donated to the National Photographic Archive in 2000 by his nephew, Brian Clarke. As a student, he spent much of his time around Westmoreland St, Grafton St, Merrion Square, Stephen’s Green and Earlsfort Terrace, where he took much of his photographs. Source: John J Clarke via NLIlast_img read more

Draxler Things are a lot better for me at PSG now

first_imgJulian Draxler revealed his satisfaction with his recent game time at Paris Saint-Germain after a difficult start to the seasonThe 25-year-old winger had found starting opportunities hard to come by at the beginning of PSG’s 2018/19 campaign.But Draxler, who had been linked with a summer switch to Bayern Munich, has started five of PSG’s last six matches in all competitions.And the Germany international is feeling good about his situation at the Parc Des Princes stadium now.“I feel good, like always! I love the club, I feel good here in Paris,” Draxler told the club website.“I am very happy to have been starting matches in the last few weeks and I hope it continues.“But I also know that this is a big club and everyone wants to play.”Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar…The former Schalke 04 star admitted he struggled at the start of the campaign with his lack of opportunities.But Draxler insists things between himself and PSG coach Thomas Tuchel are going well.“It’s a special situation for me because he’s German. We are quite close and we speak a lot,” added Draxler.“At the start, it was a bit difficult because I wasn’t playing much, but I already knew that he was a very good coach.“He is calm, conveys his confidence, understands football. It’s been great until now and I hope it continues.”Draxler has managed three goals and assists in 15 appearances for PSG this season.Tuchel’s side will host Toulouse today at the Parc des Princes with kick-off set for 17:00 (CET).last_img read more

Official Sandro extends Juve stay

first_imgAlex Sandro is delighted to continue playing for Juventus after a contract extension made him the 10th highest-paid Serie A player.The Brazilian signed a new deal to extend his stay to June 2023, believed to be worth around €5m per year.That is a significant increase on his previous salary of €2.8m per year.“I thank all the people who helped me arrive where I am today,” wrote Alex Sandro on Instagram and cited on Football Italia.“I am very happy to continue being part of the Juventus family.”This wage puts the full-back in the top 10 for Serie A salaries, on a par with Juventus teammate Emre Can.In fact, of the top 10 highest-paid players in Italy, eight are currently at Juventus: Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, Miralem Pjanic, Douglas Costa, Sami Khedira, Leonardo Bonucci, Emre Can and Alex Sandro.The other players are in Milan, specifically second-place Gonzalo Higuain on €8.5m per year (on loan from Juventus with an option to buy) and goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma in fifth on €6m.last_img read more


Row on Columbia row on

first_imgIt’s been quite a family trip for three generations of the Thompsons, despite a separation of two centuries.Lavern Thompson and his son, Benjamin, paddled Monday afternoon into Vancouver, leaving them about 100 miles from the end of the route their ancestor charted 200 years ago.They’re among about 110 members of the 2011 David Thompson Columbia River Brigade who arrived Monday afternoon at Marine Park. Lavern and Benjamin Thompson are seventh- and eighth-generation descendants of the first man to navigate and map the entire length of the Columbia River.“I wanted to discover his legacy, and we’ve spent six weeks following the same route,” Lavern Thompson said.The Toronto resident said he put together the two concepts of family heritage and voyaging a few years ago. He was looking through a canoeing magazine and read about an earlier David Thompson Brigade expedition — the 3,000-mile trip to Lake Superior in 2008.“I had to be a part of it,” Thompson said after Monday’s arrival in Vancouver, which marks the 939.4-mile point in the voyage.The group left Invermere, B.C., on June 3 and is scheduled to complete the trip Friday at Astoria, Ore., where there will be a wind-up celebration Saturday.last_img read more

HS2 and PageGroup recognised for equality and inclusion

first_imgRailway organisation HS2 and recruitment business PageGroup (pictured) were among the organisations recognised for inclusive and equal workplace practices at the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) Awards 2017.The awards ceremony, which was held at The Law Society in London on 11 July 2017, celebrates organisations with a commitment to good practice above and beyond legal compliance, and which use innovative approaches to inspire other employers.Winning employers had to demonstrate how they responded to specific challenges, showing definitive and measurable outcomes, and evidence of a significant impact within the workplace.PageGroup won three awards, including the Overall Winner 2017 – Private Sector prize, the Inclusive Culture Award – Private Sector, and the Team of the Year Award.HS2 also won multiple awards, including Overall Winner 2017 – Public Sector, and the Impact through Innovation Award. IBM UK was recognised with the Global Diversity Award, and the Southbank Centre won the Representative Workforce Award and the Small Employer of the Year Award.Nationwide Building Society and legal organisation DWF achieved the Gold Standard Award for Equality, ENEI’s online benchmark, for the first time this year. Santander and South East Coast Ambulance Service received this award for the fourth consecutive year, and Zurich Insurance has was awarded the Gold Standard for the second year running.The full list of winners is:Overall Winner 2017 – Private Sector: PageGroupOverall Winner 2017 – Public Sector: HS2Small Employer of the Year: Southbank CentrePersonal Achievement: Shomari Burford, Ministry of JusticeGold Standard Award for Equality: DWF, Nationwide Building Society, Santander UK, South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, and Zurich Insurance UKGlobal Diversity Award: IBM UKInclusive Culture Award – Private Sector: PageGroupInclusive Culture Award – Public Sector: Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS TrustDisability Confident Award: Civil Service Workplace Adjustment ServiceRepresentative Workforce Award: Southbank CentreEquality and Inclusion Senior Champion of the Year: Seema Bains, senior partner at DWFCommunity Impact Award: AnchorImpact through Innovation Award: HS2Advancing Social Mobility in the Workplace: DWFInclusive Procurement Award: HS2Team of the Year Award: PageGroupEmployee Network Group of the Year – Private Sector: Standard LifeEmployee Network Group of the Year – Public Sector: NELFT NHS Foundation TrustDenise Keating, chief executive officer at ENEI, said: “The ENEI annual awards recognise the commitment of organisations to achieving diverse and inclusive workplaces, celebrating the teams and individuals who really are making a difference. We have been encouraged by the steps organisations have taken to promote equality and diversity and hope this will encourage other [organisations] to follow their lead. We are delighted that so many organisations are prepared to publicly share best practice and are delighted to be able to recognise the innovative work they are doing.”Sarah Kirk, global diversity and inclusion director at PageGroup, said: “We are delighted to have been recognised three times at the ENEI Awards. This is a fantastic achievement for PageGroup and confirms to us and to so many other employers that sharing best practice in equality and inclusion is definitely the way forward.”last_img read more


People on the Move 092409

first_imgSource Interlink Media has promoted Chris Argentieri to president, replacing interim president Jim Gillis, who is returning to his role as COO of Source Interlink Companies Inc. Until now, Argentieri served as Source Interlink Media COO.Catherine Sharick was promoted from executive producer to executive director of Sharick started at in 2003 as a producer.Interiors magazine named Michael Wollaeger editorial director. Previously, Wollaeger served as editor-in-chief of Western Interiors and as executive editor of Architectural Digest. Former OK! magazine associate publisher Mary Beth Wright was named vice president and publisher of American Media Inc.’s National Enquirer. Prior to OK!, Wright held associate publisher and publisher positions at Disney’s FamilyFun magazine.Shax Riegler was named features editor at Hearst’s House Beautiful. Riegler most recently served as a freelance writer, having contributed to the magazine since 2007.Continuing its recent hiring tear, the National Journal Group appointed Terence Samuel managing editor, in charge of Congressional coverage. A book author, Samuel formerly served as national correspondent and New York bureau chief at the Philadelphia Inquirer and as Washington Correspondent at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.Hearst Magazines Digital Media named Corynne Steindler editorial director of a new online project called Previously, Steindler served as senior editor at Bonnie Fuller’s Engelman was named sales director and associate publisher at motorcycle touring and travel title RoadRunner magazine. Previously, Engelman served as national account manager at Soundings Publications’ Woodshop News.Scott Havens, vice president of digital strategy and operations for The Atlantic, will now extend his responsibilities across all three divisions (The Atlantic, National Journal Group and Government Executive) of Atlantic Media Company.last_img read more


Cipla Acquires Biotech Firm Mabpharm Set to Manufacture Low Cost HIV Drugs

first_imgMeditab Specialities Private Limited (MSPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cipla Ltd has informed BSE regarding its acquisition of stake in Mabpharm Private Limited (Mabpharm).Earlier, Meditab held 25 percent stake in Mabpharm, which specializes in developing monoclonal antibodies for healing cancer and auto-immune diseases.Now, Cipla has acquired the remaining 75 percent stake of Mabpharm for an undisclosed amount. Earlier this month, Cipla announced that it would invest $65 million (₹300 crore) to acquire stake in India’s Mabpharm and Chinese firm BioMab.Along with Cipla, Aurobindo, Laurus Labs and Emcure have also received a nod from Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) to manufacture HIV medicine- Atazanavir (ATV) and Dolutegravir (DTG) to deploy the accessibility of generic HIV drugs in developing nations.However, an agreement to manufacture generic HIV drugs was initially permitted to Chinese manufacturer Desano, which was later followed by Cipla, Mylan and Micro labs. Hence, MPP has permitted seven pharmaceutical companies to manufacture HIV Drugs for poor nations.”The HIV field needs new drugs all the time due to the development of resistance and treatment failure,” Dr. Jaideep Gogtay, Chief Medical Officer of Cipla said in a press release.Arvind Vasudeva, Chief Executive Officer of Aurobindo expressed his pleasure in the release of generic HIV drugs in developing countries. . “This medicine offers new options for people living with HIV who are no longer able to take their first HIV regimens and its distribution in resource-poor settings is crucial,” he said.On Friday, Stock price of Cipla Ltd was recorded trading at ₹442. The share price rose to ₹5.15 or 1.18 percent after the announcement of its acquisition of Mabpharm. Cipla has the market cap of ₹350,916.81 million. But, stock price of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd recorded loss of ₹12.50 at ₹730.90 per stock.last_img read more