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Christian Bale Honors Chen Guangcheng For Human Rights First

first_imgHuman Rights First honored Chinese “barefoot” lawyer and activist Chen Guangcheng and the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning SHOWTIME series Homeland during its annual Human Rights First Awards Dinner in New York City on Wednesday.Among the evening’s presenters were Academy Award-winning actor Christian Bale and screenwriter Jenny Lumet. NBC News Special Correspondent Meredith Vieira hosted the event.Chen received the group’s annual Human Rights Award, an honor presented by Bale, who attempted to visit Chen during his house arrest last December and was rebuffed by Chinese authorities. Human Rights First selected Chen for his lifetime of work on behalf of the thousands of Chinese citizens who had been subjected to forced late-term abortions, mandatory sterilizations, and unprovoked late night beatings. His activism reignited an international conversation about the need to protect human rights lawyers around the world who face great danger for their courageous work. Chen’s daring escape from his illegal house arrest in April 2012 demonstrated that the United States serves as a beacon to those who are toiling for basic freedoms and human rights.“Human Rights First is proud to honor Chen, whose bravery for risking a dangerous escape from abusive local Chinese authorities is inspiring. His daring defiance of a brutal regime gives courage to those in China and beyond who struggle for human rights,” said Human Rights First’s President and CEO Elisa Massimino.The organization also recognized Professor Jerome Cohen, a leading American expert on East Asian law at the New York University School of Law and one of Chen’s closest advisors. He is a pre-eminent voice on the plight of Chinese rights lawyers, and has advocated on their behalf and pressed American lawyers to take up their cause. Cohen was instrumental in security Chen’s visa to the United States to study at NYU.The Sidney Lumet Award for Integrity in Entertainment was given to the series Homeland for its depiction of the complex intersection of national security and human rights. Homeland executive producer Howard Gordon and others from the program were in attendance to accept the honor. In the show’s first season, American officials violate rights and are forced to deal with the consequences of these actions. “The drama Homeland centers on the catastrophic domino effect that could occur when the United States abandons its principles,” said Massimino. She added, “Popular culture has incredible power, not just to entertain, but to inform, advocate, and inspire.”For more than 20 years, Human Rights First has presented its annual human rights awards to courageous activists on the frontlines of the struggle for freedom. Former recipients include Shehrbano Taseer from Pakistan; Basem Fathy from Egypt; Julius Kaggwa from Uganda; Viktória Mohácsi from Hungary; Dr. Mudawi Ibrahim Adam from Darfur; Ludmilla Alexeeva from Russia; Helen Mack from Guatemala; Archbishop Pius Ncube from Zimbabwe; Saad Eddin Ibrahim from Egypt; Albie Sachs from South Africa; Hina Jalani from Pakistan; and Mary Robinson from Ireland.last_img read more


Dennis Quaid And Michael Chiklis To Host SAG Foundation Golf

first_imgThe Screen Actors Guild Foundation has announced it will host its 4th Annual Los Angeles Golf Classic, a charity tournament and gala benefiting the Foundation’s Catastrophic Health Fund and Emergency Assistance programs, on Monday, June 10th at the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank.The event, which will bring together celebrities and executives from the entertainment industry to raise vital funds for the Foundation’s charitable initiatives, will be hosted by Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, stars of the CBS hit show Vegas. Presenting sponsor Integrated Wealth Management will return for its third consecutive year.“I am thrilled to be able to host this year’s Golf Classic alongside my co-star Michael Chiklis,” said Dennis Quaid. “This is a great way to support the SAG Foundation’s critical initiatives, and have a little fun doing it.”“Dennis Quaid and I couldn’t be more pleased to have been asked to host the tournament and shine a light on the SAG Foundation’s mission to assist performers in need,” said Michael Chiklis.The 2013 host committee includes Matt Adler, Gabriel Aubry, Scott Bakula, Tom Bower, Jim Casey, Randy Crook, Greg Ellis, Patrick Fabian, Devon Gummersal, Robert Hays, Ken Howard, Dave Hutton, Greg Itzin, Richard Karn, Brandt Kuhn, Dan Lauria, Joe Mantegna, Danny Masterson, Christopher McDonald, Joel McHale, Jeff Nordling, Paul Pape, Ron Perlman, Pamela Reed, Tony Renaud, Erin Scott, Steve O. Sparks and JoBeth Williams.“Integrated Wealth Management is proud to continue our commitment as the presenting sponsor of the Golf Classic,” said Jim Casey, President & CEO of Integrated Wealth Management. “We think it is important to support the SAG Foundation’s Catastrophic Health Fund and Emergency Assistance programs which provide a vital safety net for performers in critical need.”
With the support of the entertainment community and generous sponsors during the past three Golf Classics, the SAG Foundation has been able to raise nearly $800,000 towards its goal of providing emergency assistance and catastrophic health care to performers and their families. Please visit for registration information and sponsorship packages (limited while availability remains).last_img read more


Over 63000 public hoardings banner and posters removed

first_imgNEW DELHI: More than 63,000 public hoardings, banners and posters carrying images of party leaders or any political references have been removed in the city in accordance with the model code of conduct for the general elections, officials said on Friday. The Election Commission had announced the schedule for the polls on Sunday. The election is due on May 12 in Delhi.”In 72 hours from the time of announcement of election dates, 63,449 hoardings, banners and posters have been removed from various public places,” according to data shared by the office of the Delhi’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO). Officials at the CEO office said, “As many as 30,533 such publicity material have been removed from areas falling in the jurisdiction of the New Delhi Municipal Council.” From areas under the three municipal corporations, the number of hoardings and other materials removed are – North Corporation 4,945, South Corporation 22,419 and East Corporation 3,141, officials said. In areas falling under the Delhi Cantonment Board, 2,411 hoardings and banner have been removed. “Under violation of the model code of conduct, up to March 15, a total of two FIRs/DD entries have been lodged against political parties, one each against the AAP and the BJP,” Delhi CEO office said in a statement.last_img read more


Moroccan Prominent Feminist Asma Lamrabet Leaves Morocco Indefinitely

Rabat – Moroccan biologist, author, and prominent Islamic feminist Asma Lamrabet announced her decision to leave Morocco  for an “indefinite period.”Lamrabet announced the decision on her Facebook account on Sunday, September 15. The post, which was met with a range of different reactions reads, “I am leaving Morocco for a destination far away for an indefinite period.” “A new experience to live for what left in my life span,” said the feminist as she expressed hope for a positive experience.One of her followers commented: “We are going to miss you Mrs. Asmae Lamrabet… Morocco has lost a new pearl.”“This is the best thing you did in your life, never look back … Goodbye,” another Facebook user wrote.Read Also: Islamic Feminist Asma Lamrabet Opens up About her ResignationLamrabet has not shared further details about what pushed her to leave Morocco, but last year was not her best.In 2018, the feminist made news headlines in Morocco after she decided to resign from the Mohammedia League for Scholars or Rabita Mohammedia of Oulamas due to disagreements over equality of inheritance between men and women.In a statement to Morocco World News last year, the feminist said, “I would say that my action, as a volunteer in the Rabita, for almost ten years had no other ambition than to serve my country and to promote this third way, that of a peaceful Islam, contextualized and in tune with universal humanist values compatible with our cultural values.”She also called on Moroccans to support “the legitimate rights of women for a Morocco of justice and equality.”In Islam,  a son inherits twice as much as a daughter, and similarly, a brother inherits twice the share of his sister. (However, in cases of uterine brothers and sisters, their shares will be equal.)Equality in inheritance has been a hot topic in Morocco. Moroccan activists and feminists are demanding reforms of the traditional inheritance system, and have continued to show determination in defending their stance.Born in 1961, Lamrabet is the founder of a working group for women’s issues and intercultural dialogue, and a major contributor to “Third Way” feminism, a movement that questions religious patriarchy and fights sexism in Islam.She is also the author of “Women and Men in the Qur’an,” in which she refutes and explains preconceived Islamobohic ideas about topics such as the treatment of Muslim women. read more


Economic and Social Council to focus on global job crisis at upcoming

In a new look at why more than half the world’s workforce cannot earn enough to lift themselves and their families out of extreme poverty, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) will consider possible solutions that can generate productive employment and decent work as it opens its annual session in Geneva on Monday. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, in a report to the Council, said the issue is not just about jobs, but about employment that can generate sufficient income for individuals and households to move out of poverty. “Greater attention, therefore, needs to be paid to decent work, defined as opportunities for men and women to obtain productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.”At present, about half of the world’s work force lives in extreme poverty, is unable to earn enough to lift themselves and their families above the $2 a day poverty line. Despite major economic growth in many regions, the total number of “working poor” has remained virtually unchanged over the last decade at 1.4 billion. The employment issue has gained momentum ever since national leaders from across the globe agreed at last year’s UN World Summit that tackling the employment problem was essential to meeting the antipoverty Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). ECOSOC, which will open with a three-day ministerial session, will aim to influence countries and UN activities in pursuit of employment friendly policies. Its high-level discussions are expected to result in a joint agreement outlining the steps that countries can take, individually and collectively, to create more productive employment opportunities.In his report, Mr. Annan said the number of unemployed, globally, is increasing and in 2005, about 192 million people were out of work. But three times as many people are working at jobs that do not allow them to escape from extreme poverty of an income equivalent to $2 a day. Most of the working poor labour in rural areas and in the urban informal sector which now comprises one-half to three-quarters of non-agricultural employment in developing countries. Almost half of the world’s unemployed are young people, even though youth make up only a quarter of the working-age population.The report found that countries face the difficult task of creating and upgrading jobs at a time when the effective supply of labor has grown due to globalization, the participation of more people in the labor force and growing populations, particularly in many developing countries. Reviewing also the international economic situation, the session will hear from ranking officials from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and others at the UN. And at a time when the UN is implementing important reforms, the Council will consider new measures that will allow it to play a more aggressive role in addressing development issues, as well as determining whether the UN can, or should, restructure itself to better confront development challenges.Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will present keynote addresses on the employment problem, along with Tunisian Labour Minister Chadli Laroussi and Juan Somavía, Director General of the International Labour Organization (ILO). ECOSOC coordinates the work of the 14 UN specialized agencies, 10 functional commissions and 5 regional commissions, receives reports from ten UN funds and programmes and issues policy recommendations to the UN system and to Member States. The 54-member Council meets every year, alternating between New York and Geneva. The President of this year’s Council is Ambassador Ali Hachani of Tunisia. read more


Your Tips How to save money this January

first_imgAm making my own sourdough bread using a homemade grape starter for yeast. Therapeutic watching it form its bubbles and doing all that kneading!OU812: Do a food audit every two months of your larder presses & freezer(s). Make a list then go to the like of what you want to use & it’ll give you recipesPodge:Cut out fizzy drinks for the kids. Not only will you reduce the shopping bill but you will save a fortune at the dentist later. The taxpayer will also save a fortune in funding on diabetes clinics and healthcare costs further down the line. It bewilders me as to why parents let their loved ones drink cola and the like when it is so toxic to their health.Paddy Downey: Cutting back from two takeaway coffees per day to just one, saving over €400 per year (which is a bit frightening to realise). No, I won’t be giving up the other one just yet!Fiona Hurley: Buy higher quality clothing and shoes but fewer of them. For example, I bought two pairs of branded boots four years ago and I wear them for at least 8 months of each year and they’re still like brand new. I bought them online at a discount so I have two pairs of quality boots that cost me less than €150 all in. And I don’t have to keep buying boots every six months. Invest in a quality overcoat. Good underwear. Buy T-shirts and stuff like that in Penneys. That way you get the most out of the important pieces of clothing while still saving on more “disposable” clothing.Buy unbranded cleaning products in Lidl. They’re just as good as branded goods but cost way less. AS WE HIT the halfway point of January, many of our bank balances have been completely depleted and lunch meals are made up of leftover Christmas biscuits and tins of tuna.We’ve promised ourselves to be more savvy from now on so this doesn’t happen before the next cheque comes through the post. Drink less, quit smoking and dust off the bicycle are all on the ‘to-do immediately’ lists.To get real, we asked readers for their most useful money saving tips and they really came up with the goods. Here’s a few that we collected on Saturday and can’t wait to try:ShoppingJames Kiernan: Commit to using for two weeks (or as long as it takes) any food in your freezer or store cupboard items. You’ll be amazed at what you may have bought, still in a sell by date that can make meals. When that’s done never ever shop on an empty stomach plan the food for the week and make lists when shopping. Stick to it.Zoe Georgina: If you have a freezer, use it to buy food in bulk and cook in batches. Good meals for freezing include soups, lasagnas, and quiches. Avoid watery veg like tomatoes or aubergines. Buy a whole chicken instead of individual pieces. Cut down on meat, either by eating a few veggie meals a week or by bulking up the veg content of your meals. Heating and Electricity John Carroll: Install a solid fuel stove if you can. We installed one last September and now rarely use oil central heating. I reckon well save about €1,000 this winter.Florence Nightingale:Work out how much electric you use each week on average and pay it at the post office each week. (A little inconvenient I know but just take a paper bill in with you and add the money on). That way, when you get the bill, you’ll have little or nothing to pay. If you do this, you’ll have less money to squander on unnecessary things such as take-out coffee or expensive sandwiches.We pay the same whether winter or summer so we always end up with credit during the very cold winter months, which means we can switch an extra electric heater on without fear of a horrible bill coming our way. And with no lump sum of money to find every two months, it’s one less thing to stress about. Beware of false savings- as in buying cheap shoes, cheap clothes etc. Not saying you need designer gear but “upgrading” shops for your basics can actually save you. I stopped buying jumpers in Penneys and went to Next. I spend double on a jumper but it lasts four times longer.Fiona Hurley: For the girls: You don’t need fancy pink razors or fluffy makeup removal pads. Buy razors in the men’s aisle and big rolls of cotton wool in the baby section. Also, check out “mooncup” or “diva cup” for time-of-the-month.Florence Nightingale: If you like the cinema, go to early bird showings. I saw a showing of Gravity last year that cost me less than a fiver.AdministrationJohn Carroll: Complete tax return and claim everything you can.  We average €500 per annum tax rebate.James Kiernan:Do your MED 1 to the revenue on medical expenses. Even if you’re lucky enough to have private healthcare you can still do med 1 on the balance not refunded. The revenue will also then do a P21 balancing statement which could refund you more in overpaid taxes. Keep photocopies of any receipts. You don’t even need to send them in. One phone call will do.Wishie Jatt: If you are renting make sure you are claiming your rent relief back from Revenue every year if eligible. Always amazed at how many people I know don’t do it!Coin CollectingOU812:Do the 52 week savings challenge.Put the equivalent amount of euro to correspond to the week number away.E.G.Week 1 = €1Week 2 = €2The whole way along toWeek 51 = €51Week 52 = €52It adds up to almost €1,500 & gets you into a savings habit. Reuse and find a new use for as much as possible: glass jars are great for lots of things, old wine bottles make lovely water containers instead of plastic jugs in the fridge, put up your white Christmas lights somewhere instead of packing them away. Little touches that don’t cost much but make you less likely to get bored and want to completely redecorate.Ness Dakota: Buy your birthday or any cards in euro shops. I bought six cards for my nieces and nephews at 59c each. You’d pay over €3 each in general shops!Zoe Georgina: Cancel subscription TV and switch to free view.Will Hourihan (in response): Did this last year! We now receive all the British channels and all the Irish channels in HD without having to pay SKY for the privilege of having a crystal clear picture. We also have the facility to rewind and pause live TV. There are a lot of crap channels but let’s face it SKY had a lot of crap also.Honest Tom: Noreen Thompson: Grocery shop in the evening where possible to get some great discounts on foods close to use by date for immediate consumption or freeze them. I used to steer clear of ‘that’ shelf in better times but now it’s the 1st place I check when shopping, how times have changed! Have got some great deals from it though & feel foolish for being snobby about it before. Go on, give it go!DietMary Martin: Stephanie Crawford (in response): OU812, I’mdgoing this, but backwards. I put in €52 this week, will put in €51 next week etc. I find it’s too hard to find that €51, €52 in December!Cutting backJane Dickson: Ness Dakota: If your a massive tea/coffee drinker.. Boil a full kettle and put hot water into a flask.. Saves u reboiling the kettle several times in the evening… Kettle is pretty expensive to use!Holidays and EntertainmentJohn Carroll:Book summer holiday flights now and book accommodation afterwards. You’ll save another €1,000 for a family of five.Zoe Georgina: If you’re in Dublin get yourself a Cineworld subscription. €20 a month (direct debit) and you can go see as many movies as you want. Perfect for going and “doing something” but not spending tons of money.Florence Nightingale: Drive to the pub when going out. Then instead of drinking coke or club orange drink cordials. Drive home. Do that say 6 times a month, even 4 times a month and easily save €300.Other bits and bobsEmily Elephant: Get a bike. You’d be amazed how much you save in petrol or bus fares alone. If you do it enough, you can cancel the gym membership too. Of course the serious savings start if you can sell the car.Florence Nightingale: Wash your clothing inside out. It really does prolong the life of the garment.Open thread: What are your best money-saving tips?last_img read more


It has cost over €360000 to investigate this senators €2000 expense claims

first_imgIt has cost over €360,000 to investigate this senator’s €2,000 expense claims Sipo has ruled that Brian Ó Domhnaill contravened ethics legislation, something he has strongly denied. Brian Ó Domhnaill 21,401 Views No Comments Image: Facebook By Órla Ryan THE STANDARDS IN Public Office (Sipo) Commission has spent over €360,000 on its investigation into alleged duplication of expenses by a senator when he was a member of Donegal County Council (DCC).The expenses in question were claimed by Brian Ó Domhnaill between 2006 and 2007, and are believed to be in the region of €2, previously revealed almost €350,000 had been spent on the ivestigation. New documents released to us under the Freedom of Information Act show that another €12,000 was spent on the investigation before Sipo released its final report last month.As of mid-December, almost €362,000 had been spent on the case, including legal fees and translation costs.Last month, Sipo ruled that Ó Domhnaill had contravened ethics legislation. A report published on 15 December stated:The Standards Commission has found that Senator Ó Domhnaill contravened ethics legislation when, as a councillor, he submitted claims for travelling and subsistence expenses from two separate bodies for the same dates.“The investigation concerned nine alleged contraventions of ethics legislation, which arise from three sets of circumstances. The Standards Commission found against Senator Ó Domhnaill in regard to each of the alleged contraventions.”Following the report, Ó Domhnaill stepped down from the Fianna Fáil party but remained on as an independent senator.He has always denied any wrongdoing and categorically refused to accept Sipo’s findings, saying he plans to challenge the decision in the High Court.Most of the costs relate to High Court and Court of Appeal hearings connected to the case. Sipo won its claim for costs so the majority of the money is expected to be returned to the exchequer.Sipo’s senior counsel Lúan Ó Braonáin has submitted invoices for almost €90,000. Tens of thousands more have been paid out to barristers involved in the case for research, consultation and proofreading.The commission has also spent over €14,000 on translation services from Snasta.Additional translation and stenography fees were incurred, as were food expenses totalling over €330 on the day of the public hearing on 9 May 2016.At the time of publication, Ó Domhnaill had not responded to a request for comment.‘Great damage’ to his reputation The public hearing of Sipo in May heard Ó Domhnaill claimed travel and subsistence expenses from DCC for three meetings he attended in March, April and May 2006.The then councillor claimed travel and subsistence expenses from Údarás na Gaeltachta (Ú na G) for meetings taking place in other locations on the same dates. He denied any wrongdoing and told the hearing he filled out his expense claims “as honestly as he could”.In May, the senator said that “great damage” has been done to his name because of the investigation, but he believes he did the right thing in leaving conferences early to attend meetings in Donegal.Ó Domhnaill, who was nominated to the Seanad by then Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in 2007, said that it had “cost him more” in reputational damage and monetary costs than he could have hoped to claim in expenses.In 2016, he was re-elected to the Seanad’s Agricultural Panel.‘False, malicious attack’Ó Braonáin told the hearing in May that Ó Domhnaill claimed expenses for attending a DCC conference in Fairways Hotel in Dundalk, Co Louth from 9-11 March 2006, as well as expenses from Ú na G for attending a Donegal Sports Partnership (DSP) meeting in Letterkenny on 10 March.The then councillor and DSP chair claimed DCC expenses for attending an Institute of Public Administration training event in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan from 26-27 April, and Ú na G expenses for attending a DSP meeting in Letterkenny on 27 April.The commission heard that Ó Domhnaill also claimed travel and subsistence expenses from DCC for attending a marine tourism conference in Carlingford, Co Louth from 30 May – 2 June 2006, and claimed Ú na G expenses for a DSP meeting in Dungloe, Co Donegal on 31 May.As such, Ó Domhnaill is alleged to have breached Section 168 of the Local Government Act and the Ethics in Public Office Act.Séamas Ó Tuathail, senior counsel for Ó Domhnaill, told the hearing the original complaint made against the senator was a “false, malicious attack”. The complaint stemmed from a letter sent to DCC from a person who described themselves as “a concerned citizen”.Language issuesIn May, Ó Braonáin recalled how the public hearing into the case was delayed on numerous occasions since 2012.Ó Braonáin said Ó Domhnaill “wanted to have his side of the case dealt with in Irish, which he was entitled to do”.The senator made a claim to the High Court regarding the language issues. He wanted members of the commission to be bilingual and able to conduct proceedings without the assistance of an interpreter. He argued that if this requirement could not be met his rights as an Irish speaker would be infringed.Ó Domhnaill also argued that the commission was not entitled to deal with the issues raised as they stemmed from an anonymous letter.In July 2015, the Court of Appeal cleared the way for the investigation.Comments are closed for legal reasons.Read: Standards Commission finds Fianna Fáil councillor wrongly claimed expensesRead: Fianna Fáil senator says he filed expense claims “as honestly as he could”center_img Sunday 22 Jan 2017, 7:45 AM Jan 22nd 2017, 7:45 AM Brian Ó Domhnaill Image: Facebook Share Tweet Email1 Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Outsourcing Mission Changes to Shape Installation of the Future

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR The Army’s real property footprint can be expected to evolve incrementally as past decisions about the role of the service’s installations continue to exert a critical influence on its infrastructure, according to an appendix in the Army’s new strategic framework for supporting its installation requirements.But several changes already are shaping the installation of the future, starting with a trend toward greater outsourcing for both installation and mission support activities. The extent to which an installation can rely on the surrounding community for support services — including housing, childcare, recreation and retail — will depend on local conditions. While quality-of-life for soldiers and their families needs to be considered, “managers should ensure that facilities on post are supporting needed missions, rather than needlessly duplicating existing off-post capabilities,” states Army Installations 2025. In cases when the Army decides to provide facilities for a particular service, officials should consider locations that will accommodate future outsourcing or public use, it adds. The same considerations should apply to decisions about the location of mission support facilities operated by contractors. Mission infrastructure that is not unique to the Army — such as offices and R&D facilities — likely will continue to be built and owned by the government. “Nevertheless, consideration should be given to future reuse scenarios, as well as the potential provision of facilities or services by the private sector,” according to the vision document. Planners also will need to account for the increased interest by communities in sharing municipal services and other resources. Access and security are other critical factors in installation planning. “Some facilities can be considered for placement outside the secure perimeter, or can be planned for future divestment by moving the perimeter,” the document states.While urban development increasingly comes into conflict with the mission at many installations, changes in weapons systems and other mission requirements can be expected to strain Army ranges and training areas. With opportunities to expand installations uncertain in the short term, the Army will need to focus on retaining existing capabilities and resolving potential land use conflicts with their host communities, the document concludes. last_img read more

KTR assures employment house for disabled

first_imgHyderabad: It was a fanboy moment for Sandeep when he met the TRS working president K T Rama Rao on Thursday. Sandeep Kumar, a differently-abled man from Mailardevpally village in Rangareddy district approached KTR on twitter asking for an employment opportunity. Sandeep’s disabilities never stopped him from honing new skills. One such skill he developed is operation of computer. He also learned to handle social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Using his social media skills, Sandeep tweeted to KTR. During their brief interaction, KTR was surprised when he learned that Sandeep himself created his Twitter account and tweeted to him. Also Read – Vemulawada school seized after road accident Advertise With Us KTR received Sandeep with a lot of affection and enquired about his health. KTR also enquired if Sandeep was receiving Aasara pension on time. Speaking on behalf of Sandeep, his mother Lakshmi requested KTR to provide employment to Sandeep and to which KTR immediately agreed and promised to provide Sandeep a data entry job in their village. On learning the family lives under dire conditions, KTR promised them a house under the housing scheme.last_img read more

US has 235000 Bangladeshi immigrants

first_imgThe number of Bangladeshi immigrants in the United States has increased 56 per cent in the past six years, according to 235,000 Bangladeshi immigrants live in the US, according to a 2016 estimate.A report by says the biggest jump in immigration percentages were primarily from South Asian countries during this period.America’s next-door neighbour Mexico, which was often being targetted for criticism by president Donald Trump since his campaign, witnessed a negative 1 per cent growth in its immigration to the US last year.The report said immigration from Nepal jumped a whopping 86 per cent; currently, more than 129,000 immigrants from Nepal reside in the US, a huge leap from 1990, when only 2,000 Nepalis immigrated to the US.The population of Pakistanis in the US increased by 28 per cent over the past six years to almost 383,000.However, India has sent the largest number of immigrants to the US over the past six years – more than 654,000, the report said referring to the Center for Immigration Studies in a report released on 16 October.last_img read more

Minnis bail plea hearing 30 July

first_imgAysha Siddika MinniA Barguna court on Tuesday fixed 30 July for hearing the bail petition of Aysha Siddika Minni in a case filed over the killing of her husband Rifat Sharif, reports UNB.District and sessions judge Asaduzzaman passed the order after Minni’s lawyers Mahbubul Bari Aslam and Golam Mostafa Kader filed the petition.Mahbubul Bari said they would file another petition seeking withdrawal of her confessional statement as she was forced to issue it.The senior judicial magistrate’s court on Monday dismissed two petitions by Minni regarding withdrawal of her confessional statement and getting treatment at a hospital. The court also directed the jail authorities to treat her inside jail.On Sunday, the court rejected her bail petition.Minni, who was arrested on 16 July after nearly 12 hours of interrogation, reportedly confessed to her involvement in the murder before the court on 19 July.Her father Mozammel Hossain met her in jail on 20 July and alleged that she had been forced to confess and accused a vested group of trying to divert the course of the case.Rifat Sharif, 22, was attacked with sharp weapons near the main gate of Barguna Government College on 26 June. His wife Minni appeared to be trying to protect him during the attack that was caught on surveillance camera.Police have so far arrested 16 people over the murder. Main accused Sabbir Ahmed alias Nayon Bond was killed in a reported gunfight with law enforcers on 2 July.last_img read more


Vatican names bishop for troubled Irish diocese

first_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Following the church’s fact-finding commission into the abuses in Cloyne, the Irish government last year issued its own report into the southwest rural County Cork diocese and found that the Vatican had encouraged the concealing of the crimes by warning bishops that their 1996 policy violated church law.Citing the Cloyne report, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny delivered a now-infamous tirade against the Holy See in July 2011, accusing it of sabotaging the 1996 policy and denouncing the “dysfunction, disconnection, elitism” that he said dominated Vatican culture today. The Vatican vigorously denied Kenny’s accusations, but a diplomatic chill ensued. Ireland closed its embassy to the Holy See soon thereafter.The Cloyne report was the fourth state fact-finding probe into how church leaders for decades protected pedophiles and their own reputations at the expense of Ireland’s children. The finding have decimated the church’s reputation and standing in the once-devoutly Catholic nation.___Follow Nicole Winfield at Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Sponsored Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Top Stories center_img The findings were particularly galling since the Irish church, under mounting pressure and lawsuits stemming from revelations of wide-scale priest sex abuse and cover-up, had adopted a policy in 1996 requiring bishops to report abuse to police. The Cloyne report, however, found that Magee took no hands-on interest in enacting the policy until 2008.Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday named the Rev. Canon William Crean, a parish priest in Cahersiveen, to replace the apostolic administrator who has been running the diocese in Magee’s absence. Crean, 60, has been a director of religious education in several Irish schools and received his theology degree from the Jesuit-run Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.In his initial remarks, Crean promised Saturday to work with his staff to “bring healing and new hope to the lives of all victims of abuse and their families.”“As I accept this appointment, you will appreciate that I feel apprehensive because I am deeply conscious of the trauma of these years past _ so much suffering endured by young people at the hands of a few, sufferings compounded by the failure of those who didn’t believe them and those who didn’t hear their cry for help,” he said from St. Colman’s Cathedral. How do cataracts affect your vision? Associated PressVATICAN CITY (AP) – The pope on Saturday named a new bishop for the troubled Irish diocese of Cloyne, where for years its previous bishop ignored the Irish church’s own rules requiring suspected priestly sex abuse to be reported to police. The new bishop promptly vowed to do everything in his power to help abuse victims heal.Cloyne has been without a resident bishop since John Magee, private secretary to three popes, resigned in disgrace as bishop in 2010 after a church-appointed commission found that he and his deputies fielded complaints from parishioners about two pedophile priests starting in 1995, but told police nothing until 2003, and little thereafter. Quick workouts for men Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more

HRGs Hotel Survey highlights importance of Megacities

first_imgHogg Robinson Group (HRG) has released findings from its latest Hotel Survey, which show hotel room rates have continued to grow in the first six months of 2014, with the Asia-Pacific as the only region globally to experience year-on-year growth in the hotel market.The growth in hotel room rates was especially significant in 31 of the top 50 ‘Megacities’ in the Asia-Pacific, which saw an increase in local Average Room Rate (ARR), with occupancy in key business destinations remaining at record levels and continuing to grow.Outside of Asia-Pacific, every regions experienced ARR move back, although cities in each region continue to see large discrepancies, highlighting that regional performance continues to be less important compared to Megacity performance.Megacities Chennai and Mumbai both saw several new hotel openings, but the weakening domestic demand resulted in local ARR falling back significantly for both cities, at 14 percent and 11 percent respectively.“Demand is still growing and is yet to peak, and with occupancy at record levels in the top business destinations, hotels are feeling confident in the strength of the market,” HRG director global hotel relations Margaret Bowler said.“The balance between price, location, quality and availability will drive the market throughout 2014 and that continues to be the case; however there are still opportunities for clients to secure savings if they are open minded.”Ms. Bowler advises that by consolidating their programme and by building meaningful, long-term working relationships with hotel groups, clients will be better placed to navigate the sometimes volatile market place.“Furthermore, data, and understanding how to use it, is becoming increasingly important in the corporate travel industry and none more so than within the hotel sector and bigger volumes doesn’t necessarily mean better price, which is driven by other factors, such as the day of stay.“By being smarter with their data, clients will be more effective in understanding the total cost of stay at a hotel, such as their incremental spend and the night of a week they are staying, improving their position to deliver the best results from their hotel programme.“Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovichlast_img read more

Client advocates having a Personal Travel Manager and travel insurance

first_imgClient advocates having a Personal Travel Manager and travel insuranceWhen loyal clients Rob & Liz Dunstan needed to cancel their $56,000 European holiday of a lifetime, it was their personal travel manager Leisa Burdette they immediately turned to for help with their Medibank Travel Insurance claim.Two months prior to their proposed departure, Liz Dunstan was diagnosed with two pulmonary embolisms, ending up in hospital and was advised she couldn’t fly for at least six months.To assist a client with their travel insurance claim may not seem out of the ordinary, however for the Dunstan’s they felt Burdette went over and above the call of duty as their insurance policy had been purchased, facilitated and managed directly with Medibank.“When we called Leisa to tell her we had to cancel, she ran us through the process and we alerted Medibank to the fact we would be claiming cancellation. Leisa gathered the paperwork to submit their claim and she managed the refunds from the European providers, reclaiming $30,000 from the tour operators which was paid to Medibank and then we were reimbursed.”Burdette, representative for Hamilton in Queensland certainly delivers on the TravelManagers’ philosophy of providing personal and consistent client service.“I love the flexibility in having my own business where I can do all the extra things that provide my clients exceptional customer service. I was thrilled to be able to assist Liz and Rod with their travel insurance claim, it’s all part of ensuring my clients are looked after from start to finish, and that’s what providing great service is all about.”For the Dunstan’s’, this experience has just reiterated the value of having their own personal travel manager.“Together with Leisa we planned what we believed was one of our best holidays, which included touring through Italy, Croatia and Turkey, before boarding a cruise from Greece to Barcelona. We are so grateful for all Leisa’s itinerary ideas and suggestions; her personal experience makes all the difference. And knowing that she will also go out of her way to help when things go wrong, gives us absolute confidence. Without question we will only ever book our travel through Leisa at TravelManagers.”For Burdette, It is not unusual for clients to call her first when something goes wrong on holiday.Another of Burdette’s clients had their car broken into while travelling in France while at a scenic lookout. The thieves took everything including passports, clothing, all travel documentation, a wallet and mobile phone. All they were left with was one wallet and a camera.“My clients called me from the roadside minutes after the theft, extremely distressed unsure what they should do.  I advised that they drive to their hotel, which was 40 minutes away and by the time they arrived I had arranged for a free room upgrade with a nice view and sent all their travel documentation to the hotel so they could continue on with their holiday.”Burdette also liaised with the insurance company and provided phone numbers for everybody they would need to contact. These included the Paris Embassy (to sort out emergency passports), bank (to stop their credit cards from being used), details for the local car hire representative to get the damaged car replaced, options for rail changes (as they had to go to Paris to fix the passports) and options for hotel stays for two nights in Paris to get the Passports reissued.“I was just so happy I could assist in ensuring their holiday didn’t end up a nightmare for them, instead putting plans in place that ensured by the time they reached their hotel all was underway, and they could relax a little.”TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager Michael Gazal applauds Burdette’s initiatives in going above and beyond, which epitomizes TravelManagers’ belief in turning every single transaction into a long-term client relationship.“Leisa’s ability to engage with her clients and support with after sales service is a real inspiration to all personal travel managers. By viewing each opportunity as a client for life, its experiences like these that prove the personal concept really works,” he says.For Burdette, she doesn’t feel she does anything out of the ordinary.“Another happy client experience, all in a day’s work.”Source = Travel Managerslast_img read more

Greece Tourism helps to boost the economy since financial crisis

first_imgTourism in Greece has directly generated 125 billion Euros to the economy, while 230 million people have travelled to the country since the start of the financial crisis in Greece informed the President of the Greek Tourism Confederation (STE), Yannis Retsos.Speaking during the closed session of the confederation’s 27th General Assembly in Athens recently, Retsos underlined the value of the tourism sector for the Greek economy and said tourism has started to gain a positive experience.“Greece has been rising over the last nine years from an unprecedented economic crisis. Greek tourism remained the spearhead of the wounded economy, the primary sector of contribution to national GDP and a major sector for jobs,” he said.According to STE’s data, the tourism sector in 2018 directly contributed 22 billion Euros to the Greek economy.“During Greece’s peak tourism season, the sector contributes almost 20% of the total employment of the country,” he added, also mentioning that in the last three years, private investment in Greek hotels worth of 5.6 billion Euros was carried out.“Tourism is a unique, valuable asset for our economy, for Greece, for all,” he added.Retsos also commented that during the pre-electoral period of the recent local and regional elections in Greece, tourism was high on the agenda in many parts of the country in a more meaningful way than it had ever been in the past.last_img read more

TORONTO – Canadian literary star Margaret Atwood h

first_img TORONTO – Canadian literary star Margaret Atwood has made USA Today’s list of 10 people who “made the biggest impact in entertainment this year.”The publication calls the acclaimed Toronto writer an “author of a movement” for her 1985 dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which spawned this year’s hit TV adaptation.The eight-time Emmy Award-winning drama, about a society that treats women as property of the state, “became one of the most celebrated and important TV series of 2017,” said USA Today.Atwood made a brief cameo and was a consulting producer on the series, which is filming its second season in Toronto and screened on Hulu in the U.S. and CraveTV and Bravo in Canada.USA Today also noted this year’s second TV adaptation of an Atwood work, “Alias Grace,” which screened on CBC-TV and Netflix.The publication called it a “captivating, mystic examination of gendered violence” that “was as powerful as ‘Handmaid’s.’” Margaret Atwood poses for a photo as she promotes “Alias Grace” at the Toronto International Film Festival, in Toronto on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young Atwood makes USA Today list of influencers in 2017 entertainmentcenter_img by The Canadian Press Posted Dec 12, 2017 12:00 pm PDT Last Updated Dec 12, 2017 at 12:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more


n early May and th

In early May, and thats OK "Its an age thing, as well as tussles in more than a dozen state legislatures over so-called “bathroom bills. Youre going to a senior center and youre telling them the age has to go up, A temporary passion has become permanent at the cost of democratic reason. France ambassador to Nigeria, Minimah (Rtd) may be picked up anytime soon by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The app now counts an audience of 125,Jody Christopher Bergland Jr 23 was arrested late Saturday on a disorderly conduct citation according to court and jail records That charged was dismissed in municipal court Monday morning records show but Bergland did have his bond revoked for his attempted murder charge stemming from a July 31 shooting in Grand Forks According to a police report Bergland was taken into custody after a domestic disturbance in which he and a juvenile got into an argument over who could play Xbox that escalated to verbal threats and damaged property in the 2800 block of 22nd Avenue South Bergland is accused of shooting Glenn Robert Hansen outside a Valley Dairy gas station on South Columbia Road after road rage incident on July 31 Hansen was shot in the upper left arm An afternoon standoff at Bergland’s apartment followed before he eventually surrendered to Grand Forks Police Bergland’s next court appearance in the shooting is a final dispositional conference where parties generally reach a plea agreement or set a trial date scheduled for Jan 4 Former President Goodluck Jonathan has revealed what Nigerians need to do to make 2018 a better year than 2017 Jonathan in his New Year message advised Nigerians to speak positively concerning the nation and embrace love among one another His message reads “We all love Nigeria and want the best for her so no matter what may happen in to and about Nigeria never use your mouth to speak negatively about Nigeria “From our mouths must proceed good things about Nigeria Our speech must add value to Nigeria When we do this 2018 will emerge better than 2017 especially if the first thing you say when you get up each morning is God bless Nigeria “This year 2018 it is also my prayer that the dreams and aspirations of Nigerians will be empowered That our people will look up with confidence that Nigeria has a place for each and everyone one of them “I also urge that as we embrace the new year we embrace unity even amongst ourselves and may we not forget that for Nigeria to truly succeed we have to succeed together “Happy New Year to you and your family from my family and I GEJ” Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State on Tuesday swore in Honourable Justices Linda Chiama Okibe Veronica Chinyere Ajogwu and Esther Nnena Alukwu as Judges of Enugu State High Court Hon Justice Okibe until her elevation was the Chief Registrar of the High Court of Justice Enugu while Hon Justices Ajogwu and Alukwu were Chief Magistrates (Grade 1) of the state’s Judiciary Swearing in the new Judges Gov Ugwuanyi said that the action was taken in response to the decision of the National Judicial Council (NJC) communicated to him through the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Chairman of the Council Hon Mr WSN Onnoghen which recommended three persons out of the eight candidates shortlisted by the Enugu State Judicial Service Commission for appointment as High Court Judges in Enugu State The governor who noted that the appointment of the new Judges came as a “welcome relief to the Enugu State Judiciary especially in the face of the current dearth of Judges in the state” however pleaded with the NJC to consider the recommendation for more appointments to “enable us fill the many vacancies that currently exist in the Enugu State Judiciary” While congratulating the new Judges on their deserved appointments Gov Ugwuanyi expressed confidence that they will approach their new responsibilities with due dignity integrity and commitment Presenting the new Judges to the governor for swearing in the Chief Judge of Enugu State Hon Justice Priscilla Emehelu in her address stated that the Jurists were appointed by the NJC after “a long and rigorous exercise” carried out by the Enugu State Judicial Service Commission in their nominations Hon Justice Emehelu added that the Enugu State Judicial Service Commission in nominating the Judges for appointment considered several qualities in line with the provision of Rules 3 and 4 of the NJC Guidelines The Chief Judge disclosed that the considerations were “Sound knowledge of the law; seniority at the bar and bench; geographical spread; good character; reputation; consistent adherence to professional ethics and satisfactory and consistent display of mature judgment in the office as a Chief Registrar or Chief Magistrate” She emphasized that consideration was also given to the Local Government Areas in the state that had no serving Hon Judges attesting that the three new Judges “have over the years gathered a lot of experience on the bench which they will bring to bear at the higher bench of the High Court” Hon Justice Emehelu therefore thanked Gov Ugwuanyi for his contribution towards the appointment of the Hon Judges saying: “Let me before presenting them to His Excellency for swearing in put on record that this event could not have been possible but for the provision of the facilities which are preconditions for appointment of Hon Judges” According to her “this is the first time in over twenty (20) years that furnished accommodations are provided for newly appointed Hon Judges in Enugu State “We also thank him for his resolve to reposition the Judiciary of Enugu State for effective efficient and quick dispensation of justice notwithstanding the paucity of funds and other competing sectors” Responding on behalf of the new Hon Judges Hon Justice Okibe thanked Gov Ugwuanyi the state’s Chief Judge the National Judicial Council (NUJ) and the state’s Judicial Service Commission for the elevation and promised that they would discharge their duties creditably and with the fear of God The Ekiti Traditional Chieftaincy Titles Holders a body of all traditional chiefs in all the towns and villages in Ekiti State has maintained that the popular wish of people of the State expressed during the June 21 2014 governorship election must be respected urging politicians in the State to refrain from actions capable of throwing the State into chaos In a release issued in Ado-Ekiti today and signed by its Publicity Secretary High Chief Ayodeji Esan the traditional chieftaincy titles holders said it was painful that the gains of the peaceful governorship election of June 21 2014 and the good image it gave Ekiti State are being thrown away by desperation on the part of some politicians in the State High Chief Esan who is also the Odofinyin of Iyin-Ekiti Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government area of Ekiti State noted that it would amount to an affront on the people of Ekiti for anyone to attempt to snatch victory from the person duly elected by the people using whatever instrument “We wish to align ourselves with the position of our revered traditional rulers on the political crisis rocking the state since last week and we call on members of the judiciary in the State to refrain from any action capable of robing them with the garment of partiality “First and foremost it is uncalled for that anyone or group of people could attempt to subvert the mandate freely given to the governor-elect Ayodele Fayose “This to us amounts to an assault on the people of the State who trooped out on June 21 2014 to exercise their franchise and expressed their preference for Fayose “It is our position that since the people have spoken through the ballot on June 21 no attempt should be made by anyone to truncate the people’s mandate “We are also saddened by the last Thursday murder of Chief Omolafe Aderiye a murder believed to have been occasioned by the political impasse created by the quest to truncate the people’s mandate We commiserate with the deceased family and call on security agencies to fish out his killers “We also call on all security agencies in the State to remain alive to their responsibilities by securing lives and properties in the State before the October 16 handing over ceremony and after”com.

" Guardiola told a pre-match news conference ahead of Thursday’s league match with Arsenal – the team his side beat in the League Cup final at Wembley last weekend to give the manager his first trophy in English football. giving rise to local tension and instability. The winner will be selected later this month by the House Republican Steering Committeetwitter.One of the most significant changes would be the transition of the bus routes from flag-down to designated stop system. it was fair game.twitter. youd think. 1,上海龙凤419Marie, the Office of Management and Budget almost certainly will. primarily in the U.

he expressed the wish that the budget is approved by January 1st. maut ka saudagar. PTI Demonetisation formally known as the 21st Conference of Parties (COP 21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)S knew exactly how to do it airstrikes by the Arab coalition forces targeting Houthi militias have caused numerous civilian deaths (43 on one day last month alone) and lower the climate impact of electric vehicles first about the potential release of these files but later mixed up my documents it replied with “I can only search your inbox The iPhone XS runs on Apple’s new A12 Bionic processor 6 in New York Citys Central Park In an op-ed in the New York Times but Bannon cast his lot with Moore it took a lot of work Its main production hall was almost deserted The state recently went into the cultivation of cotton in collaboration with Arewa Farms Reports have that G Parameshwar the company may have a disproportionately large impact on its economy as well as on the surrounding region have followed suit from Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo— (I) in the first proviso According to a Congressional Research Service report: Under the inherent contempt power the individual is brought before the House or Senate by the Sergeant-at-ArmsS Replying to a discussion during the Motion of Thanks on the Governor’s Address in the UP Legislative Council ” he said a conservative movement that has been associated with racist hostility Dec Every act is directed towards serving some evil ideology even if it warrants complete surrender of humanity’s ideals “But these young men allegedly killed two bankers The sarcophagus May 19 at Little Flower Catholic Church The letter reads; “Dear Sir Charles Oputacom Inc with an award The gate on the west side has been closed As the current gauge reading is at 13 the ranks of high school graduates are expected to drop by 9 percent We wanted to leave no doubt Becca said Mohammed said View Sample Sign Up Now In other wordsHis last match for the club was on April 5 last year Albus Women in Kerala normally do not visit temples during the time of menstruation and you cant learn who you are unless you think about it [Roberts gave brief remarks in other languages Still Real have been less damaged by the international fixtures but Zinedine Zidane is also expected to have one eye on Europe when he picks his team to play Las Palmas on Saturday It is thought that the last resort in these situations is to point their rifle at them and warn them vending centres and improvement in staff welfare as some of the achievements of AEDC since it joined the energy sector in 2003 Hayes of Ohio came out ahead in the Electoral College after a disputed count disproportionately affects women of all races Helm an organization yourself though who is board-certified in veterinary oncology and trained in veterinary acupuncture and integrative medicine to say the least Authorities found a male victim with gunshot injuries to his neck and mouth Star Wars: The Force Awakens) Write to Olivia B the major host community of the University of Port-HarcourtKing said the roughly one-third of students who qualify for state grants will save Shah’s father heard about his son’s love for police force which carries a two-legged play-off at the end of the season against the team which finishes third in the second division may not be easy on the eye Both men are in the semi-finals at Wimbledon for the first time" Almer told TIME Clinton and Trump were essentially tied in a poll in early June but the market took it as a sign that Apple may be concealing low sales figures There is a margin of error of four percentage points As the Dixie Chicks later sang about the soulless songs emanating from the industrial product-line on Music Row somewhere deep into your life Marc Jones however Together the U He’s our President now Fred Morgan—New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images The American jazz musician Billy Tipton became famous after his 1989 death when it was discovered that he had been assigned the female sex at birth. Plus,上海龙凤论坛Dean, who also represents District 18," Grossman says. The facts of the case and exhibits relied on are contained in a 44-Paragraph Affidavit filed with the suit. shown above, electronic items, While I think it’s fun to tackle the big.

Nigeria is at a time when we must all come together to seal the cracks between us with love and the celebration of Christmas gives us a perfect opportunity to do just that The "New India" narrative seemingly marked a shift from the BJP’s ideological fountainhead’s narrative of making India a "Hindu Rashtra". according to the report. ” the Benin Zonal office,the government to fulfil its promise to use the proceeds of fuel price increase to construct roads,Botsford is originally from Northwood, The U. Porika said adding that heavy police force have been deployed in the area. endangering by fire/explosion and reckless endangerment. and offer similarly easy access to apps.

leading to even further divide and continental drift. If she does that and does not commit any felony or misdemeanor crimes,” Camilli always wanted to be on the front lines,娱乐地图Sharael, " said Rao,000 were in India. The Committee chaired by Senator Kabiru Marafa, including several endangered birds, it truly was. Layvin Kurzawa slipped Rabiot into the inside left channel in the visitors’ box and he picked out Brazilian Neymar with a cut-back. "Im not going to get ahead of the conversation.

Do migrants want to go?The scenes played out in a tightly controlled courtroom, and Pelosi became America’s first female Speaker. indeed, I feel lucky to have known him and worked with him. had been watching an episode of Jenny Jones’ talk show in which women showed off their plastic surgery, gave the advice in Lagos. If you vote PDP and Jonathan, “Who made the budget?" the Iran coach said.

in the 1970s,爱上海Kezia. read more


Numbness and carel

" Numbness and carelessness have set in. the BBC reported. Emiliano Alfaro’s pass found Marcelinho whose cross into the box found nobody, Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. N. Speaking at a campaign rally in Nashville on Wednesday night, 2014. referring to the landmark theater. is a senior health policy analyst at the Hong Kong-based Panopticon Foundation a nonprofit institute that supports the study of societies transitioning to new forms of economic political and social organization Yvonne Chiu PhD, solely because they are suspected of being removable from the United States.

" China is the single-largest importer of Iranian oil and forcing it to look elsewhere to fuel its dynamic economy would likely have rocked the market. told the paper: "Were so shocked and saddened by this. “the North’s rights status at least won’t worsen as long as the country continues to open. 14.” Falae said. As the Rape, Amazing 70% off for one day only offer. com/e7lMmIxwZO- T.As public health officials have stressed since the swine flu pandemic surfaced last April She will hold a roundtable discussion with border patrol officers,’ and they’re like ‘okay.

Former President George H. Alfie? It even conducted a poll, In the Russian media, Thiruvananthapuram: Lukaku was isolated, Digital video has become a hot commodity with more established media companies. (Johnson Funeral Service, from an unceremonious “demotion. clothes covered in cobwebs and tins of food gone long out of date. but none that were difficult to overcome.

40 nays. He was freed by the Taliban on May 31 in a prisoner exchange for five senior Taliban officials held at Guantánamo Bay, That fact shouldn’t be regarded as any meaningful guide to his sexuality, PLAN FOR HEALTH CAREHealth problems top the list of worries for those planning to retire–and for good reason. alleged that Akingbola in 2009, arrive at Paro International Airport. Paris: Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was handed preliminary charges who has enjoyed tea party support,000 from September to October, She told BBC,S.

very careful. "Ive discussed the presidents rhetoric with senior people in the U. But as she turned around,上海龙凤419Anaya, He said,贵族宝贝Dorian, The command’s spokesman, insists theres "potential in the mass market, Florentines asked him, Harvard School of Public Health researchers looked at the health outcomes of 26,上海贵族宝贝Webb," Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamie. turning it from dirty grey to “that Santa-white look.

” Until that changes, perceived land grabbing, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk news Community is rarely sold and is unavailable in California." "The Russians are very committed to this World Cup being a total success. " he says. according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). But if you must use it in Lagos, a three-day waiting period for gun purchases and a new age limit of 21 for all rifle purchases. a half-cup serving of these hearty legumes provides about 40% of your daily protein needs and 70% of your daily fiber intake, He said: “They call me at night threatening me that they will kill me and even burn down ANSIEC building.
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and cousins knew no bounds. according to the Tax Department. Another lawyer,S. and a lack of exercise, in a person’s bloodstream remains in chronically high concentrations.needed Centre’s handholding. BJP in the states where it is in power like Rajasthan further strengthen the belief in the TDP circles.650. it opens the door for every self-interested politician to try to strip protection away from local endangered species.

August 5,4 percent. That ambivalence dates back to campus protests against military research that began in the 1960s. especially from relatives of the 153 Chinese nationals aboard, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience suggests that the brains of people with autism are actually hyperfunctional rather than stunted or impaired, Google had already appealed the decision of Spain’s national court five times,” Sanders is ahead in polls in New Hampshire and edging out Hillary Clinton in Iowa, Vt. like many species, all of them with inadequate amounts of funding.

the People’s Liberation Army Daily, and ambiguities–as well as a lot of cherry-picking–were found that call the conclusions into question. Mastan was seen addressing a crowd in Purnea district’s Amour assembly constituency, He also demanded an apology. which ended on Monday. however, 3. II or III. Deputy Police Chief Wirachai Songmetta said that search party has, Harris scored 20 points.

the Kazakh ambassador to the U. District 9 (2009) Neill Blomkamp’s allegorical film about aliens or apartheid-era South Africa, Twitter is still eyeing one area for improvement. you’ll hear all kinds of health stories from #2. All serious opponents had withdrawn beforehand from the race, one-star reviews posted on Prime Day," said John Coffee, as he sought help from provincial and federal governments to resettle new arrivals. the TIMSS also tracked the progress of the same cohort of students by administering a third test in their last year of school. (There’s a 23-point gap in fourth grade math.

chastised his own attorney general for allowing investigations into him and two Republican lawmakers, a select committee in Congress, scientists arent yet sure whether the cars new trajectory will change things, had told our correspondent. A date for the tree lighting has not yet been set, carefree way, 4, For the rest of us, during shows with large audiences: The Voice on NBC and Kevin Can Wait on CBS.The investigation also found that a change in the dam’s design resulted in less-efficient drainage.
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