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Broncos welcome Slater’s return

first_img‌Slater has been tipped to return against the Broncos on Thursday night after over a year out of the game because of a shoulder injury. The 33-year-old feared he might never play again after only managing eight games in the past two seasons, but to his credit he has fought back from the brink of retirement. A return on Thursday night will put him up against Queensland Origin rival Darius Boyd, with the match-up shaping to define who will wear the No.1 jersey for the Maroons in 2017. This is just one of many storylines that will take place throughout Thursday’s blockbuster as Brisbane try to return to the winners’ circle after a one-point defeat to the North Queensland Cowboys in Round 2. The Storm however will be looking for their third win in a row after dismantling the Warriors in New Zealand last Friday night. Broncos lock Josh McGuire knows the challenge in front of his side, and although he is aware of how much talent Slater will add to Melbourne’s starting 13, he is just happy to see one the game’s best make his long-awaited return. “It’s good to see Billy playing footy again if he is back this week,” McGuire said.  “It’s been a long layoff for him so I’m sure he’s excited to get out there and start playing some good footy. “I’ve always seen Billy as the ultimate professional so I’m sure he’ll be ready. He’s not the type of person to come into a match underdone.”He won’t have to worry about me targeting him because I can’t catch him. He’s too quick for me!”Playing against Slater will be an unforgettable experience for Brisbane lock Jai Arrow who grew up watching the superstar fullback. Slater debuted in 2003 when Arrow was just an eight-year-old dreaming of one day playing in the NRL.  Arrow told media on Monday that it would be a surreal feeling knowing that he is going up against a player he has idolised since childhood. “It will be another learning curve for playing against someone of that calibre. I’m only young so it will be a good experience,” Arrow said. “I’ll enjoy it and try and do my best on him when he comes my way.last_img read more


All Blacks set to announce Japan test

first_imgA major announcement is expected from The New Zealand and Japanese Rugby Unions.New Zealand Rugby chief executive Steve Tew is currently in Japan as part of a trade delegation headed by the Prime Minister Bill English, who says he’s keen to get the world champion All Blacks to play in Japan before the 2019 World Cup.The All Blacks coach Steve Hansen said at last week’s World Cup draw that a match against Japan “wouldn’t be a bad idea”.RNZI reports the All Blacks could play Japan in the World Cup quarter-finals in 2019.The last time the All Blacks played a Test match against Japan was at the start of the end of year tour in 2013, winning 54-6 in Tokyo.New Zealand also played the Wallabies in Japan in 2009.last_img


Warriors struck down by stomach bug

first_imgPreparing to try and bounce back from their fourth straight home defeat last weekend, and their eighth loss from 12 matches this season, four Warriors players missed Tuesday’s training with a stomach bug.Coach Stephen Kearney has confirmed those players were key playmaker Blake Green, veteran hooker Issac Luke, in-form utility player Karl Lawton and outside back Blake Ayshford.”Yea, they’ve come down with a bout of gastro. We’ll have to see how they pull up over the next little period,” Kearney said.”[We’re] pretty hopeful and the doc reckons it’s a 24 hour thing. So we’ll have to see how they pull up.”It better be pretty quick because we’re jumping on a plane in the morning.”NRL rules stipulate teams must name their squads for each round on Tuesday afternoon, but Kearney was hopeful they would be given a dispensation to name the affected players for the clash with the Titans.Kearney said they held a couple of team meals together last week, but added he wasn’t sure how the players had picked up the illness.The Warriors led 10-2 late in the first half last weekend against the Storm in Auckland, before conceding 30 unanswered points to suffer a convincing 32-10 defeat.The Titans have had an equally difficult start to the season, but last weekend’s 26-18 win away to the Broncos means the Gold Coast side have won two of their last three matches.Meanwhile the Warriors second-rower Tohu Harris has made himself unavailable for New Zealand’s rugby league test against Tonga, continuing his lengthy absence from Kiwis duty.Harris contacted Kiwis coach Michael Maguire to advise he would miss the July 22 clash in Auckland because of a knee complaint that has dogged him for the past six weeks.The 27-year-old has barely trained since damaging ligaments against the Melbourne Storm in round five, earning him the nickname “Captain’s Run Harris”, according to Warriors coach Stephen Kearney.Harris has played 16 Tests, with the most recent being the 2016 Four Nations final loss to Australia in Liverpool.last_img read more


International Cricket Council to visit PNG

first_imgThe International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Development Committee will be visiting PNG for the first time this week to discuss major issues surrounding the sport.The team of fifteen delegates will be here from the 8th to the 13th of this month. The main issue that will be discussed is the development of the code around the world.Among the delegates will be ICC’s chairman, Alan Isaac, ICC CEO Dave Richardson and ICC’s global development manager Tim Anderson.Cricket PNG’s media officer Chris Amini said areas that will be discussed include; long and medium term strategic objectives both globally and regionally, annual operational plans both globally and regionally, the role of the full members, and regional associations and general governance principles, funding issuesPart of the visit will see the delegates meet with the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to discuss the future of Cricket in PNG as well as the Barramundi’s newly obtained ODI status.The delegates will also venture out for a BSP School Kriket visit at Pari Primary School. Their visit will include a visit to Hanuabada village-where many of the country’s best players are from, and then to watch cricket games in the Port Moresby.The delegates will wind up their visit with their Development Committee meeting set for the last two days before leaving the country.last_img read more


Víctor Sánchez del Amo explodes: “We have been deceived”

first_imgAnalysis of the reality of the club. “We are talking about a vital season for Malaga where his future is at stake and corresponds to two aspects. Sports viability and economic viability. We have discovered this reality over the course of the season. The sports viability, which is our responsibility, with our mistakes and successes here we are, we have made a first round where you can contrast some data that keeps us alive, fighting with a lot of tremendous difficulties ”Template situation. “With only 17 professional players and unable to configure a balanced template as promised when we renewed and it was not fulfilled. And we found out at the last moment of the summer market, because we also wanted to leave credibility and time for what we agreed to do, which was a balanced squad to fight for the playoff. ”Frustrated expectations. “The objectives we had were to get into the playoff, with a renewed squad. That was not fulfilled and we learned at the last moment of the summer transfer market because we left the credibility and time so that at the last moment the renewal could be completed with a staff of 20 players, adjust to the budget that we should have. Have a balanced squad to get into playoff. That was the goals we had and that’s why we renewed. That was not fulfilled, but what have we done: protest or complain? No. We have dedicated ourselves to work in the circumstances that have touched us because we have a commitment with these players and with this hobby that showed it last season and they show it to us in this in each match. And we will not let him down. Given the difficulties, we have already said, we have no problem in dealing with them. ”About planning. “The coaching staff and sports management are involved in the planning. And the decision making in the planning of a template is based on generating a balanced team, with several players per positions, that there is competition, that there are alternatives that affect performance. So, if we have deficiencies as are known that we were not told, that is why my comment is that we have been deceived. For me, a competitive team is not a team by name, it is a balanced team. ”Renewal agreement. “That was communicated by the coaching staff from the beginning, accepting that there was going to be a more complicated economic situation than the previous one where there was a budget of 30 million. But we were not told that the situation of such caliber that money is being sought to pay wages and that LaLiga does not expel you for non-payments. But LaLiga is penalizing you for being out of the salary limit, for not having that economic capacity, because 17 players are too few for a season as long and as competitive as the Second Division and without having chosen them and we have worked, leaving time to club to decide in the first round and make decisions to improve economic viability to improve the situation and we have reached the winter window and we have seen teams that are already incorporating players and we are talking about selling players, with market and fundamentals to our sports performance. “Disagreement. “As a coach, as the maximum responsible for performance, I cannot agree with that. And I have to express it because I think it is very important that people know it. First because our criteria is not that. And second, because if we are here with an attitude of fighting and with the confidence that players and fans have placed in us and it is the same that we continue to have during the second round that is known in the conditions in which we are going to do it. We are in time to rectify. We all also know from the information that is coming out that there are possibilities for money to enter the club, from the point of view of financial management. There is talk of investment groups, capital increases or people interested in buying the club. Financial management, that we are not the specialists. Yes we listen and see. If even the institutions of the city are involved in helping and collaborating. I understand that this is the job of financial experts, to seek financial solutions. We cannot agree, the owner of the club is the one who has the maximum power to make the decisions that he considers, but I can show my disagreement because I am responsible for the sports part. ”Breaches. “The strategic guidelines for summer planning, I already tell you that the ones we were working on have not been fulfilled. We were with some expectations granting all the time and the benefit because we know of the difficulties of the market and that many of those negotiations are completed in the last days of the market. We wait patiently for that moment and then it was not fulfilled. It is obviously not the template structure we were working on. With regard to the issue of giving face is something that is a personal matter of each. In all organizations there are management positions and in all management positions there are always responsible for communication that corresponds internally and also publicly. I assume mine without any problem and here I have been. For issues of economic management and economic planning and aspects that transcend it is very necessary that their fans and their partners explain things to people who know it. What we somehow call the face, but without any pejorative tone, the other way around. In the literal tone that is to explain the things to the people that correspond to him ”.Is it an ultimatum? “I don’t believe in the power to give any ultimatum to anyone in any way. Let’s not share this way for life. What we do is explain, I am here explaining, taking stock of the first round, here you have the data that you can analyze and see the performance of the team, which are in line with the analysis that we have been arriving and we have shared with you weekly. We understood that it was good to make that previous balance of the first round and see the situation of reality in which we are facing the second round, which is a situation of a scenario much more complicated than that of the first round, because we have less time, because our rivals are strengthening … If we are not reinforcing, we will have greater sports difficulties, which is what matters most to me and it is my responsibility. The acceptance of economic problems falls within our sports capabilities and I have to make those comments to express my opposition. ” Transfer Market. “The market should help us to strengthen ourselves, not to weaken us. We come from having been in tremendously complicated projects, with teams that were with institutional problems and were playing their lives to stay and we have kept them in the first division. This situation is also very complicated: we have been fooled from the beginning with the planning of the workforce and we are working the best for Malaga. And now the possibility of improving the summer opens, at least not weakening it. Now we will not wait until the end of the market, this may not be comfortable for the management of the club but we are not a comfortable coaching staff. We are here to fight so that the club has sports viability that is our maximum responsibility and we cannot allow economic viability to weaken us sportively. ”Objectives and hopes in this period. “I understand as a main summary that the winter market window has to be reinforced, I have been saying it before it arrived. The window has already begun and we see that our rivals have strengthened and have been able to use this day for players and not us. That’s why my comment right now, looking for solutions. My words are not comfortable but my responsibility from the sports area also leads me to say the things that affect the sports area because if I do not explain them I become an accomplice. I can’t fail the players or the fans. We do care about them. ”Possibility of sales. “I speak for the information we have, the information that it is necessary to sell players to raise money X. Nor do I think it is important to talk about the amount. I cannot agree with that and Manolo Gaspar’s criteria are exactly the same. We have to try to reinforce the template, not weaken it. It is something that we have very clear about the sports part. Because we have deficiencies that the new market window allows us to work in order to reinforce it. With the economic limitations we have, of course, we accept them. They condition us and we have to go crazy to look for profiles that meet the limitations that LaLiga tells us. In that we are, we have possibilities and names to try to correct the main lacks of structure that the template has. We have information from the financial management to put it in some way, from Shaheen, that players need to be sold. As economic solutions to get rid of important players sportingly I as a clear coach that I cannot agree with that. We have been listening for a long time to talk about the viability plan since Richard (Shaheen) arrived, who also has been working for the club for a longer time than he has arrived here, to know the numbers and that there was a viability plan that was going to Provide economic solutions. If this viability plan has reached the market in January and does not allow us to strengthen ourselves but even what we have to do is sell players that will weaken us because I do not understand and do not share it. It is not an ultimatum, it is explaining the reality we have. ”The resignation does not arise. “What we are going to do is prepare the Oviedo match, just as we are planning the next one. Compete those we are, with the difficulties we have, because we have a commitment to these players and this hobby to fight until the end. We decided in summer and we will continue to do it, because I repeat again: this coaching staff has experience in this type of situation, as happened with Deportivo and we saved the team two seasons in a row. In Betis the same thing happened to us with institutional problems. In this share of problems that come to us in the second round, our mentality will not change, it will be the same. Because we love our profession ”The case of the three unregistered Mula, Iván Rodríguez and José Rodríguez. “If we only have 17 chips, imagine how good it would be. They have been left in a tremendously unfair situation for them, without equipment. They have shown their professionalism training as the most, getting fit, with a fantastic positive attitude to participate at any time. I wish it could be here, but I don’t know. The restrictions that LaLiga has for us, we speak with Manolo Gaspar, are to be able to sign players are tremendous. You have to make cabals to be able to match the player profiles that we can incorporate. All derived from the consequences of poor planning and economic management that has us as it has us. That is inherited. The people who are here have not participated in the economic decisions that have resulted in this team situation. We are here fighting and giving face. Giving players face, coaching staff and hobby. The main elements that are currently keeping Malaga viable are the players, the fans, the sports management and the coaching staff. Giving the face week after week ”.Clear ideas. “• As a coach, I have to speak twice and never shy away from anything. I know that it is not comfortable and that many things that I say are not pleasant, but I will not be complicit in things that go against my own principles, as a coach or as an athlete. I love the football profession, I am not going to be an accomplice of consequences derived from the business that cannibalizes the sporting aspect and especially the emotional aspect of the hobbies that are behind their team ”.List with 12 professionals, without RolónVictor has made a list of 19 expeditionaries for Oviedo with the casualties, compared to the last day against Lugo, by Luis Muñoz and Juankar (by penalty) and Adrián (injured). Lorenzo González, Ramón Enríquez and Adrián enter the list. There are 12 professionals because Rolón (one of Al Thani’s personal signings) has nothing left. It cost 3.2 million euros, the sheikh blinded him with 60 million clause and Malaga does not know how to part with it.The travelers are the following: Munir (1), Kellyan (36), Adrián Quintela (41) –porteros- Cifu (12), Luis Hernández (4), Diego González (3), Mikel Villanueva (15), Renato Santos (11), Keidi Bare (35), Benkhemassa (24), Dani Pacheco (22), Antoñin (38), Sadiku (9), Boulahroud (6), Lorenzo González (10), Juanpi (16), Ismael Casas (28) and Ramón Enríquez ( 30).last_img read more


Álvaro Giménez would be the next incorporation of Cádiz

first_imgThe player would have a tough competition with his teammates, Choco Lozano, Nano Mesa and the newly incorporated Malbasic. Cádiz continues to work against the clock to finalize details of this winter market before it closes on Friday. According to El Desmarque, the signing of striker Álvaro Giménez would be closed and would be official in the next few hours. The player would arrive as a loan with an option to purchase in case of promotion to the First Division. If the player landed in Cádiz, he would be the second striker for the yellows to enter their ranks in this winter market, the first has been the Serbian Filip Malbasic.Álvaro Giménez was part of the Almería squad last season, when he finished the season as Pichichi of the category with 20 goals. Now, the ilicitano is part of Birmingham City, a team that plays in the equivalent of the English Second Division. In his current team he has played a total of 24 games and has scored three goals.last_img read more


Meeting between Mbappé, Tuchel and Leonardo, according to ‘Le Parisien’

first_imgThe relationship between Mbappé and his coach, Thomas Tuchel, is not going through his best moment. Last Saturday the last controversy was lived, when the player was angry because the coach decided to replace him against Montpellier with the game already sentenced. A situation that has been repeated several times this season. Tuchel tried to explain to Mbappé, who barely looked at his technician and left with a visible anger at the bench.Given this circumstance, Le Parisien states that this Sunday there has been a three-way meeting in Paris: Mbappé, Tuchel and Leonardo, sports director of the Parisian team. According to the French media there has been a climate of tranquility and cordiality between the coach and the French crack, although Le Parisien suggests that The relationship between the two may be at a point of no return. According to Le Parisien, Mbappé is angry because he believes that the gestures of the club are not later reciprocated by his coach. The PSG wants to make it the flagship of its ambitious project, which is the big star on and off the field. For that he constantly promotes him in advertising events. However, Tuchel’s changes create discomfort in Kylian, who does not understand why other stars of the team do always play 90 minutes. Meanwhile, Madrid is still waiting, attentive to these events. Mbappé continues to give the PSG long before the proposals to extend the contract ending in 2022. The white club knows that the only way to have any chance of signing the player is to not renew that contract. A renewal that is getting colder after the latest controversies with his coach …last_img read more


Tuchel, with the rope around her neck

first_imgOnce again Tuchel juggles to avoid conflict with her costume stars and at the same time maintain the confidence of President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, that his pulse would not shake if he had to choose between his stars and the coach. The German knows that this battle is lost. Tame the locker room It’s one of the most complicated tasks a coach faces when signing for the Paris Saint Germain. And if not, ask him to Unai Emery, that shortly after arriving had to deal with a conflict between Neymar and Cavani that haunted him almost the entire season. Now the relationship between the Brazilian and the Uruguayan has softened to the point of See the charrúa on Neymar’s birthday last weekend.Thomas Tuchel was not going to be less than the Spanish coach and he is feeling in his flesh the egos fight of the Parisian costumes. If this summer saw how Neymar, one of the pillars of the PSG project, openly negotiated his march to Barcelona, now he has to live with Mbappé’s Public Challenges when it is replaced. The most serious was lived last weekend when the German coach decided to replace the French star when his team won 5-0 at Montpellier. Mbappé showed his disagreement when he led the bench and Tuchel instead of pulling his gals as a boss he tried to reason his star, who despised the conversation twice. Some explanations that for many were out of context since the German gave more importance than the French deserved at that moment. Either respect or fear, the truth is that Tuchel it gives symptoms of being with the rope around the neck because of the leaders of the PSG costumes and another proof of this was the response he gave on Tuesday at the end of the victory against Nantes (1-2) when asked if this weekend’s Neymar party could take a toll on some players who jumped to the Beaujoire stadium last night. “Yes, but what can I do? If I leave without playing all the players who went to the party, tonight I have no equipment. It is like that. I can’t think about the party because otherwise we wouldn’t play. Luckily the game was not too intense, ”he explained.last_img read more


Piqué: “In recent years, the results endured the club”

first_imgGerard Piqué appeared at a press conference to analyze the meeting on Tuesday against Naples, corresponding to the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, and discuss the convulsive current situation of the Blaugrana club, despite the fact that the team has recovered the leadership from LaLiga Santander. -The Champions League returns in a special scenario. Are there any motivating elements?-It is the first time we have come in an official match to a historic stadium. It is different lake. When you are a footballer you like to try new things. Naples has improved a lot in recent games. The season did not start well, but it will be complicated. They have won Liverpool, Juventus. You have to be alert to avoid scares.-The game comes after weird days. What analysis do you do?-We try to do our job and the important thing in this club has been the results, which in recent years have endured the club. We know the responsibility we have. We know that the waters do not fall so calm if there are no good results. But the game is important enough to think about other things. You have to be focused, know the virtues they have. It is a very important week.-Messi said that with the current level is not enough to win the Champions League.-Other years we have reached this stage of Champions more favorites or more left over and we have not won. We may not be the most favorite but being Barça, we have possibilities. The most important thing is to go step by step. We have first touched the Naples. First you have to pass this tie and we’ll see. In recent years there are examples that you arrive well at this time and then you lack oxygen. The same in May or April we are like a shot. This competition is very seasonal.– That his name came out as an objective of the accounts, did it bother him? Did the explanations convince Bartomeu?-I wouldn’t know if it bothered me. I do not care. In the end, social networks are uncontrollable. Everyone says what they want. As I see it, I believed it that at least he didn’t know it because when we had the meeting he was touched. But it is something that has come out, has exploded, has been fixed. Anything other than the ball and football will hurt us tomorrow and for the future.To what extent can you forget? We will never forget it. There have been two very hard blows in the history of the club and in our trajectories. But I firmly believe that from the big defeats you can learn and look to the future. Whatever comes, we will know how to face and throw it forward. Each tie is a world, but we have learned things. Be sure of that.Maradona or Messi?Everything has been said. A unique player in the history of football, who gave much in the history of sport, who went through Barça and Naples and will be remembered forever. But if you ask me between Diego and Leo, I have lived it up close and I keep Leo’s regularity and the magic he does every day.An issue like social media angry at the locker room. He called a journalist puppetPuppet is pucinelli. And there are on all sides. Pucinellis are on many sides and puppets are all in some aspect. But in that case it was obvious. It is not a message to this directive. This directive has its most similar people who give them information and give them that feeling of protection. And that’s fine. Everyone does it and it’s normal. The issue is that when certain lines are passed you have to step out and that is what I wanted to do. But regarding the anger of the locker room, I’ve told you before. These are things that happen in a club so big, I had no idea. You have to focus on football that is the important thing.Does it require a bit of tranquility, since the club does not help them?In the end, I think it is giving too much importance. We focus on what we can control, what happens on the pitch. The rest is noise and when you go through moments of weakness, the noise is greater. But it is part of the sport. We know the responsibility we have because if the equipment works, it has already been shown that the numbers don’t matter. What people want is to see Barça win and that is in our hands. Let’s try.Have you seen Messi especially motivated?I haven’t been able to talk to Leo about playing here. I imagine he will be happy to play in a new stadium for him, but the most important thing is the classification. The history of the stadium is fine, but if we don’t get a good result, nobody will be happy.Do you see Messi in Naples?I guess it’s hard to ask him who owns his future. I would like him to retire here.Do you say the results hold the club?I do not put myself in if it is well managed or badly managed, that will be said by the partner. Moreover, I have no information on whether it is well or poorly managed because one thing is what comes out in the press and another is what exists. But it is clear that if the results are not good then there is noise. ”Is it the most important week?Each match marks the following. Tomorrow’s result will influence Sunday. Two weeks ago we were six points from Madrid and if we had not won there then the scenario would be different. Each match marks the following. Winning tomorrow will serve for next Sunday. Hopefully it is one more step.last_img read more


Casemiro: “In 15 minutes we backed down, lacked intensity”

first_imgAfter the game, Casemiro appeared before the cameras of Movistar Champions League after the defeat of Real Madrid against Manchester City by 1-2, in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. The explanation is clear. We did 75 spectacular minutes and then we didn’t have the intensity, the control of the game, we backed down, and they are a great rival, they arrive twice and they mark you. There is no excuse, we have a complicated game against Barcelona over the weekend. You have to start thinking about it.How can this affect the Classic?The City is already past, you have to think about Barcelona, ​​rest, a complicated game is coming. We have made mistakes that we cannot make, we cannot make mistakes in the future. It was 15 minutes in which we did not do things well.Ramos complains about the tie, says Gabriel Jesus pushes him.The VAR is for that, if you have not seen it we cannot say anything. He says he has felt a push … That’s what the VAR is for, to help football.How does this go back?First you have to think about Barcelona, ​​we know that the game in England will be very difficult. But you have to think about Barcelona. Is the tie lost?The tie is not, if there is a team capable of tracing this is Madrid. But I think it has been key that we did 75 spectacular minutes, against a great team, and 15 minutes in which we did not do what we should do. And they traced us. It is not finished, but there is a lot of work ahead.How do you explain it?last_img read more